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    Round Robin


    Round 3 | Match 3

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    "Worlds of Fun"
    by The Replacements


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    by Heaven's Kitchen


    Voting Closed
    Heaven's Kitchen beat The Replacements

    [center]Worlds of Fun was made by Cocoa, Trav and That Guy. Lijiang was made by Liampie, Pacificoaster and Sulakke.

    The Replacements vote count: 14
    Voters: Whitehawk, 111112oo, turbin3, Xtreme97, MCI, chorkiel, Tolsimir, tdub96, inVersed, BelgianGuy, Shotguns?, rct2isboss, posix, Airtime

    Heaven's Kitchen vote count: 30
    Voters: wheres_walto, Wanted, Ling, In:Cities, pierrot, RCTER2, Colorado-Fan, BC(rct2), Miracle, olddtfan51, Ver-co, XCars, robbie92, FredD, Maverix, JJ, prodigy, K0NG, ScOtLaNdS_FiNeSt, Kumba, MorganFan, Casimir, J K, Mr. Coaster, Fizzix, tyandor, CedarPoint6, JJayMForce, Roomie, RRP

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    - Everyone but players belonging to either team in the match may vote.
    - We will check the topic frequently to update the vote counts.
    - Until your vote has been added to the count you may edit your post to change your vote.

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    It's a little awkward since round 2 is still running, but because we have some time to catch up, here's is Round 3's first match! Be sure to use the new voting system.
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    Both overviews look very nice, first inspection, vote will follow.

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    Both parks where very nice ,but Lijiang was so innovative and new. It just had a real different touch.
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    ok wow, didn't expect this so soon!

    Worlds of fun:
    Looks great and the themes differentiate very well here but in terms of style it look like sea of sagas again, it's not fresh like SoS was. it also felt like a little too much content for the map size, I mean I can easyly see this park looking better on a 100x100 map tbh wich would do everything more justice. the sculptures around the park are good and I love the sign over the river, I like rivers in parks can't help it. all in all a good park but nothing as mindblowing like SoS or tivoli for me personally.

    another great park and really giving the replacements a run for their money. my only criticism is the one colour choice for the roofs, I mean I know the theme and it's accurate but it gives it a rather gloomy atmosphere and some more colour would've done this park a great deal. the landscape reminds me of vulture and Inyoni for some weird reason though, that's a good thing btw :) my favourite parts are the tall pagodas, really pulled those off to perfection. the coasters are good but nothing mindblowing like a "zombie hunt" or the woody from edda.

    won't vote atm since i can't really decide but wanted to share my thoughts anyway
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    two great parks in my opinion. quality matchup this!
  • wheres_walto%s's Photo
    Wow wow wow! 2 great parks! Can't decide yet, both are just phenomenal
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    I'm not sure at the moment but I think Heaven's Kitchen will make it. The Replacements park doesn't seem fresh for me. I've seen a lot of buildings before by one of the members of this team so that's one thing that I don't like about this park. The problem is that the park is full of them. On the other hand there's Lijiang with the best Asian area I've ever seen. The pagodas are awesome and the whole landscaping is very realistic. I also love the launch coaster with all these Cheetah Hunt elements. I will have a closer look at both parks but I think this will be an easy choice for me.
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    Right now, I'm 99% sure my vote's going to Lijiang, although I'm gonna give the parks more time. Worlds of Fun, while nice, is, well, nice. There's not much in terms of innovation or even cool "little things" to keep my interest sustained for a while. Plus, the archy is a bit samey, not only to other buildings in the park, but generally typical of a certain builder while also feeling like any number of other builders on your team alone; it just doesn't feel new. I mean, the park certainly is a beautiful park, but it seems so shallow compared to other parks this season.

    Lijiang, on the other hand, is amazing. You guys make me wanna stop working on BGA because I know I can't attain this level of theming. I especially love how the woodie wraps around the rapids, and the woodie bridge by the launcher. My biggest gripe is probably the landscaping around the launcher. I know that it emulates the Chinese karst formations, and does that well, but there's almost so much going on in terms of foliage types and colors that it gets messy. It reminds me of something K0NG would do, but way more colorful, which adds to the complexity of the landscaping. Still, outstanding work parkmakers. I know you guys worked your asses off on this, and it really shows.
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    After staring at both of these parks for quite some time, I have to say...
    Posted ImageI vote The Replacements (Just by a little).

    Both of these parks are very, very good, and my choice between the two just came down to personal preference. In the end, Americana sold me on Worlds of Fun. Specifically, Timberwolf, and the Eli Express. Couldn't stop thinking how much fun it would be to visit that park!

    Good job to both teams, though.
  • wheres_walto%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    I really liked Worlds of Fun, but like colorado and robbie both said, it just screams the particular style of one player that we've seen before, and that takes away from it. In comparison to Lijiang, the architecture looks simple and the landscaping cartoonish (not bad at all, just the foliage in Heaven's Kitchen's park is gritty and real, not just made to be "pretty"). Along the same notion, I loved the simple, earthy colors of the architecture. In terms of color scheme, it really is bright/vibrant vs. subtle/earthy, and in this case I definitely choose the latter. Just like you guys said in the readme, Chinese culture is much more complex and dignified than cartoonish dragons everywhere, and you stuck true to that, and I am very impressed. Without a doubt, my new top H2H park (I feel like I've already said that before...)
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    Fantastic-looking parks. Gonna spend some time with them before voting.
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    it just screams the particular style of one player that we've seen before, and that takes away from it

    I've seen a lot of buildings before by one of the members of this team so that's one thing that I don't like about this park.

    I certainly don't mean to stir up the "How do you tell someone that their opinion/vote is wrong" debate again; but I don't see how recognizing who worked on a park should detract from the park itself, even if they have been evident in previous parks. :|

    Saying that their work looks exactly the same is a different matter, but, then again, isn't that just their style showing? So, do we fault a park for its makers?

    Mind you, this is just my opinion, and if someone wants to vote for those reasons, then, by all means, they may do so.
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    Well, guessing the builders is a big fun part of H2H, and if you already know or have a very strong feeling about one, it detracts from the fun, at least for some people. I haven't spent much time in these yet, I'll vote later.
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    Worlds of Fun is fun!

    But Lijang is the best park of the season so far. Gratz guys

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    Also - Nin Fuk. Love it... hahaha
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    Hit "See Through Scenery" on Worlds of Fun... lol'd hard at all the ghost objects. While the level of detail was great (and practically an entire mini park in that Europe ride...) the only area I really "got" was the Mediterranean one at the back. I guess the one at the back-right was meant to be American somehow, but the architectural style didn't seem any different, so there was only the bridge and statue to go off of. The center of the park was probably the best part of it. Very atmospheric. And I'm not sure what was up with the ride layouts... it felt like almost every single one had to be "fixed" after the fact somehow because the surroundings not being altered was more important than the rides having proper clearances. Zambezi Zinger clipped with a ton of objects, and the layout ended a little too abruptly. Patriot seemed to kind of slam to a halt at the end of the track, with one car off the rails... Timberwolf had a great design and great pacing, but a slightly over-stylized station I think.

    I think Heaven's Kitchen took a pretty big risk, making the foliage and mountainscape as messy as it is. It looks ridiculous, but amazing at the same time. Yin's layout was a little lacking compared to Yang. Lots of interaction, but somehow not very interesting. The mixture of rides and the mixture of architecture worked quite well despite all the different textures. Little black and white, especially since I think you used some faded colors very well by the water, but I guess it mimicked the yin-yang... thing you had going on. Overall a much more original concept and a better atmosphere than WoF.

    My vote is going to have to go to Posted ImageHeaven's Kitchen
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    Posted Image[b]I
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    My God Lijang is incredible.

    Nin, I have to tell you how blown away by the quality of parks your team has put out so far in this contest. You guys have been consistently incredible. Worlds of Fun was just that: Worlds of Fun. I loved looking through this park. It would have easily gotten my vote in almost any other matchup.
    However, Lijang was simply spectacular. One of the most immersive and gorgeous parks I've ever seen. I LOVE the Yin/Yang concept, and the way the map is shaped. Wow wow wow. I'm going to be looking at this park again and again.

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen
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    Posted Image[b]I

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    crap, your guys park is too good :(

    great matchup guys
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    WoF has similarities with SoS, which I don't really like, but still a great matchup with 2 very nice parks!

    Anyway, I'm gonna view both parks more before voting but I'm pretty sure it's going to Heaven's Kitchen, as it's a greatly themed park, refreshing on an old theme and has proper coasters..

    So screen review and vote later on..

    ps; Where are the benches, bins and lamps in WoF?

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