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    Notice that new button on the sidebar? One of our more popular featuers, the NE Designs (formerly called Weekly Designs) are back. Four new designs have been unveiled, including rides from mantis and Coasterct Nick for RCT1, and RCT2 creations by Corkscrewed and RRP (my personal favorite). The designs will be posted every 2 weeks if we get enough submissions. Not all entered will be picked. Well, comments??
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    in the words about mantis
    it says tiburon island wasn't it tioman island ? or am i wrong :(
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    Thankyou to the anonymous logo maker - I like it! Oh, and thanks Grinch. I wouldn't have been able to rip your style without you making it in the first place.

    CRTN's - Well, i'm not too keen on it myself. It's over treed and pretty boring. The hacked loop is a nice idea, but it's blocked by trees and the barrel roll spoils it. Sorry.

    RRP's - Generic mine train. I like it quite a lot, especially the 'duck'. A little slow and unoriginal, but still very well executed. Well done.

    Corky's - Probably my favourite simply because of the cool sound it makes "rrrrrrrrrrooooooooaaaahhhhhhrrrr". Great station building, and you had the best name too.

    Thankyou for bringing them back - I love looking at them, but not as much as reading your blurbs.
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    rct1 downloads never worked for me
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    JUST when I have to come up with an idea to make a better mine train then fatha, RRP just HAS to make a better mine train and make life that much more difficult!

    Mantis' coaster looks really nice. I haven't really seen any of his work i was really pleased with it.
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    RRP - Best mine train ever made period. Loved it especially when it went over that waterfella great use of pipes etc....

    corky - lovely woody, great station, as mantis said that roarrrrrrrr was cool
    Loved the turnaround on the ride and it had great pace throughout
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    I thought all of them were awesome especially RRP's mine train!
    I also noticed the Tiburon Island Adam, i'm sure itll be sorted out soon enough!

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    Good job everybody!

    *Makes new goal to make a NE Design before he dies*
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    Wild Surf was amazing.

    I didn't like CrctN's work too much. It's not exactly what I expected.
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    What did you expect then? Oh well, I did part of it whilst I was on the phone to Tpm, lol. Don't worry not my best work, but I had fun doing it.
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    I really liked Mantis', it was very nice and it makes me even more anxious for WOMB.

    Coasterct Nick's was good, above average, but I have seen him do alot better. I feel the supports ruined it. Good job though.

    I haven't checked out the RCT2 designs yet. I probably wont for a very long time either. Right now I am so busy with RCT1 I dont have time to even change between the disks. I am glad the Designs have returned though, seeing them all up there on the new page has tempted me to start one, if only I didn't have so much to do. Maybe one will emerge, only time will tell.
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    Which ones are the RCT2 ones?????

  • HeArTlInEtWiStEr%s's Photo
    Nevermind, I thought that clicking would lead straight to downloads.....

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    Very nice designs section layout. I thoroughly liked all of the coasters, and it would be hard to pick my fav.....
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    RRP, wicked Mine train, maybe a tad slow a tad bit at the end but the theming was sweet! The whole mountain was just spectular and a sight to see!

    Corkscrewed, if you aimed for realism, good job, very realistic. If you didn't, well, its very realistic!
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    Sweet that these are back!

    Ill be getting back to work on stuff soon then...

    I liked all of them. Mantis's was very nice and i liked the Dark Style of CRcTN's. Corky, great job and RRP, unbelieveable.

    great section layout
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    the whole "Well, comments?" thing pissed me off for some reason...
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    To Mantis:
    I'll give you two guesses who made your logo. ;)

    To Spiderman:
    Yes, realism was what I aimed for. It's a CCI air machine.

    To RRP:
    Damn you for making a better coaster!!!! :w00t:

    To everyone:
    Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad those of you who enjoyed my coaster enjoyed it. I'll try to make another Design soon... as inspired by Nemisis|Inferno.
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    thnx to all that commented.It's great to see them back and running with some great coasters.
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    Ill be entering one again soon guys, because I have got better from my last design, so I will show you some of my latest work.