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    (Voting duration: 120 hours)

    ___VS ___


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    "Disney's American Waterfront"
    by Heaven's Kitchen (RCT2)


    "Rowling Versus Tolkien"
    by the Hurricanes (RCT2)


    Heaven's Kitchen beat the Hurricanes and advance to the Grand Final.

    Disney's American Waterfront was made by Pacificoaster (solo). Rowling Versus Tolkien was made by Kumba and Six Frags.

    Heaven's Kitchen vote count: 31
    Voters: Fr3ak, JJ, disneylhand, Wanted, RCTNW, Twitch, Cocoa, gijssie1234, Marino, 5dave, RRP, BC(rct2), chorkiel, Sey, Jonny93, proest, olddtfan51, prodigy, Casimir, turbin3, Ruben, posix, Coupon, Arjan v l, pierrot, Maverix, Fizzix, Xtreme97, XCars, tyandor, Ling

    Not counted: Shotguns?, mrbuckeye (too recent reg date), Miracle (after vote duration)

    Hurricanes vote count: 2
    Voters: MCI, 6000000flags

    How to vote
    - This season vote is by reply only. Only votes using the format as below will be counted.
    - Everyone but players belonging to either team in the match may vote.
    - We will check the topic frequently to update the vote counts.
    - Until your vote has been added to the count you may edit your post to change your vote.

    If you want to vote for Heaven's Kitchen, copy this code into a reply:
    [IMG][/IMG][b]I vote Heaven's Kitchen[/b]

    If you want to vote for the Hurricanes, copy this code into a reply:
    [IMG][/IMG][b]I vote Hurricanes[/b]
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    Here you are, the third to last match of H2H6!
  • shogo%s's Photo
    downloading now.....

    most anticipated match here.
  • MCI%s's Photo
    Holy fuck...
  • gijssie1234%s's Photo
    woooowww now i'm going to sleep but the first thing that i am going to do tomorow morning is dowloading disney american waterfront just wooooooooooww
  • Fr3ak%s's Photo

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen
  • Arjan v l%s's Photo
    ..... :X

    Astonishing match up.

    I'll check both parks tommorow.
  • BigB%s's Photo
    Damn, this is delicious.
    I would say Disney's American Waterfront would have won against most parks here in H2H, but Rowling vs. Tolkien was just epic....
  • shogo%s's Photo
    def not voting yet, but I'm leaning towards HK
  • Version1%s's Photo
    Oh my god, this is just epic, I'm close to having an orgasm just by looking at these parks, if you know what I mean... :drool:
  • Kumba%s's Photo


    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    Did you even look at both parks in-game? With the detail in both a HIGHLY doubt you could have come to a reasonible decision in 8 minutes

    :rolleyes: @ you
  • wheres_walto%s's Photo
    Oh my fucking god.....

    Best matchup in H2H history...

    Regardless of the winner, it's clear these 2 parks are the best from the Semifinal Round.
  • trav%s's Photo
    I can't look at them in game yet, but both these parks look brilliant in the overviews
  • Ling%s's Photo
    The Hogwarts building could be my single favorite thing all season. American Waterfront is much more cohesive, though. Going to have to spend a lot of time with these.
  • Kumba%s's Photo
    HK, your park is really pissing me off... but that's good news for you. Why 60x60 tho when the playoff size max is 70x70?

    These two parks will surely take up a ton of space on my end of season "little things" post. Likely a dozen screens from each.

    GREAT work by both teams. Sucks that one of these parks will lose when either probably would have beat any other park made this season.
  • RCT2day%s's Photo
    This is a match-up of 2 of my favorite things, Disney and Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings. Well done to both teams and I'll cast my vote later.
  • JJ%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    I'm shocked.
  • trav%s's Photo

    Sucks that one of these parks will lose when either probably would have beat any other park made this season.

    I wouldn't quite go that far, I don't think either one lives up to La Reve, Lijiang, SoS or Jerusalem.

    One thing I love about the Canes park is the little references to the movies, and that's just from the overviews. I think HK's park is obviously better looking, but the Canes park has brilliant execution and an incredible amount of details to find.
  • MCI%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes
    I really wanted to see Heavens Kitchen winning this contest, but the Hurricanes park was clearly better IMO. To combine my two favorite "franchises" into one park... Amazing.
    The HeavensKitchen park would have beaten any other H2H6 park so far though. But you can´t stand against the combined forces of Gandalf and Dumbledore :D
  • Roomie%s's Photo
    This ones tough... really tough