Park / Cedar Flags Drayton Park


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    really nice work, I'm enjoying all the references a lot.

    I take off my hat to your devotion to this game Liam.
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    I saw Liampie Dickie and I thought you changed your name. Would've been exciting.

    Oh, and there's a white square in the full-sized overview between the X-car and Tatsu, in case anyone may want to fix that.
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    I wonder if this will win the "Best Self-write up" Award this year?

    I'll give it a look later but this looks great from the screens and pictures.
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    Amazing work on all coasters especially the flyer.
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    Cool idea bringing disaster transport back from the grave
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    Park has a lot to take in, really impressive. Especially the part about poking fun at six flags (the looney tunes area was quite funny). It's interesting to see the full gradient of parts that were just for shits & giggles and the parts that looked like a lot of work went into making it look amazing.
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    i found the atmosphere wonderful, i truly like the throw-back. The older bench was fun to see what you could do with it, and a fun idea combining a ton of different parks. I was not a fan of any of the coaster layouts really. They all had some good elements and smooth parts, but then some weird jutty bits or awkward hills and seemed they could have been better. Overall, a well deserved silver

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    nice work! some bits were really aesthetically pleasing and even nicely detailed but other bits were a bit meh. anyway, I'm too tired to write much, so good work and bla bla etc.
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    Yeah, obviously most of the work on the map is very outdated, but still, it has a nice throwback kinda feel to it. I admire people who actually finish their project, especially after such a long time in the making and almost giving up on it. It requires great motivation and discipline to get parks like this done, so great job. I always think it's a major waste of time not to finish parks you started..

    The rides look nice, but what I liked most was the water stunt show. Great work!
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    Nice park ,i was enjoying the park with a cup of coffee this morning.
    Really oldschool feel ,i liked it.
    It did feel like there weren't much details everywhere, but that could be because of the old bench.

    Congrats with the silver.

    Edit: And i want to add ,that i admire the fact that you finished it after such a long time.
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    Love it, loved reviewing it. Still think the indoor coaster deserved more, as did the disko. But well, I guess I can see why you didn't want to alter too much of the old stuff.

    Also, you created a little white square in the map. Right next to the yellow-orange B&M. Edit: Got Fixed
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    This park has so much old school charm. I really enjoyed it. Great work Liam and congrats to the silver!
    Btw sry for my small mistake with the hole in the map. I corrected it already.
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    Ha! HA! Scream is built over the parking lot for no reason other than to be obviously cheap, only it doesn't have the parking stripes like in real life. I love the 6 Flags / Cedar Fair mashup. I love the atmosphere around that mine train, it just feels real, only wish it wasn't jammed in the corner.
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    Just a quick question, that came up from lloking at the overview: Why hasn't the X-Car it's typical Vertical Lift?
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    This is a nice small park, I loved to look on this. Although some Layouts look a little bit strange to me.