Park / Greenwood Adventure Park


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    why doesn't this have any comments yet? i thought this was quite a charming little park. I loved the general atmosphere each area gave.


    it has some room for improvement though, for example there's way too many pathtypes used in this park. try to stick to one for each area, only using other pathtypes for small details.


    as for architecture, try to stay away from making every building in your park 2×2 or 2×3. having too much of that makes a park much less appealing than it should be.


    some other pet peeves were the amount of ghostobjects, and the fact that the trojan horse (which is amazing by the way) doesn't fit underneath the gate :p


    overall a pretty nice park, 50%

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    Troy was cool, love the colours. The rest of the park had good and bad elements, overall it was very messy. You're not quite there yet, but you definitely have potential. Good first park.
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    Thanks for the bump gdb. I didn't even know this park was released. It's great to have a new builder in the game. I haven't opened it in the game yet, but the overview looks great. Nice work. I hope you stick around, you'll keep getting better I'm sure!

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    it seems like you took a bit of my advice, which is good :) could have been pushed farther though. still, not a bad start.

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    The funny thing is, even I didn't know that this park is online, which is kinda weird   :D

    Anyways, thank you for your critics on my first CSO-Project. Glad you liked some Parts ;)