Park / NCSO Project

Park_3332 NCSO Project


  • Liampie%s's Photo
    Why didn't you finish this?
  • Shotguns?%s's Photo

    posting it just due to H2H. it will be finished.

  • Liampie%s's Photo
    That doesn't make sense. Why does H2H make you release unfinished projects? Why did we pour time into this pointless release?
  • G Force%s's Photo

    Forgot how amazing this was, screw your CSO, finish this.

  • ScOtLaNdS_FiNeSt%s's Photo

    Attention whore :p Should have just kept it and finished it man, Looks good no less.

  • Austin55%s's Photo
    Yea releasing unfinished parks sucks, if you still plan on finishing it. It takes away the surprise an interest of opening it for real.

    And it makes you look like Coupon.
  • inthemanual%s's Photo

    posting it just due to H2H. it will be finished.

    As CSO. Finish this version 
  • Maxwell%s's Photo

    Will you be completely redoing the park in terms of attractions as well for the cso version, or were you just planning on changing the architecture, foliage, and themeing elements? 

  • gdb%s's Photo

    doing this park in CSO would probably mean reaching the object limit quite early on, i'd say continue this, and if you really don't want to then i'd say use some of it for a couple of designs

  • Dirk Pitt%s's Photo
    The dick was the best ride in this entire park.
  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Well this is an insta-download.


    As much as a love exploring unfinished park, I, need to see this finished. Not in CSO please.

  • csw%s's Photo

    You really have shown every inch of this in screens. 

  • Poke%s's Photo

    i don't get why you don't  just build cso.

  • Wouter VL%s's Photo
  • csw%s's Photo

     No Objects? That would be a boring park, don't you think? 

  • Wouter VL%s's Photo
    Trackitecture to the max.

    Hm, that would actually be quite interesting to do. I should try that.
  • RCTER2%s's Photo

    This park is so sʜᴏᴛɢᴜɴ

  • Shotguns?%s's Photo
    You wanna see this finished? :thinking: