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  • iris%s's Photo
    You asked for them, you got them.
    Four brand spankin' new runner-ups to Aero's Wormwood.

    We have:

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    Warner Bros. Hawaiian Adventure by OZONE

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    Fantastic Wonders by Timothy Cross

    Tambora Lagoon Resort by KumbaMaster

    Exile by rctfreak2000
  • Turtleman%s's Photo
    Sorry Freak, but Exile did not seem to impress me. Nothing really new or exciting and the archy was boring. But it still deserved a runner up.

    The other parks on the other hand were fantastic.

    Great job everyone. :yup:
  • Brent%s's Photo
    WBHA: Awesome... X-Sector's part was amazing. I wish I had the power of darknessnessness in me. Coaster-ED's Peter Pan ride was nuts and out of control. Liked the hacked car ride in the front. Willey Coyote and Road Runner's building was ugly, sorry. Everything else was quite nice.

    Fatnastic: :rolleyes:

    Tambora: YAY! My coaster's finally released! LOL. Yes, Voodoo was done by your's truely. Not that great, but hey, i'm happy he even asked me to do it, lol. The park(s) kicked ass. Giga's flyer was sick, the Premier coaster had a wicked layout, the Arrow cork was extremely alike a couple others I've seen, but still nice, didn't check everything else just yet.

    Exile: Reminded me a lot of Xanfia, or whatever your new park is called. Where do you come up with these names? Hehe. Anyways, that froggy guy was the highlight of the park. Seriously. Mantis's coaster was cool, but that hack is so over-used now that it's lost it's uniqueness. Xanfia(sp?) was a cool coaster, based off of DD's Lion King ride I suppose? The Manchu Pichu ride was also cool, and used a new vehicle for that type of ride that I haven't seen used before, so that was a good thing. Like most others, only looked at this for about 2 mins each, then got off. More later.

    Out of the four, this is how it went for my fav's: WBHA, Tambora, Exile, "Fantastic"
  • Blitz%s's Photo
    i see where you're coming from with fantastic wonders iris. It's like a ton of good ideas ruined by amateur parkmaking, but it still has something about it that catches the eye that makes it worthy.
    Timmeh has potential.
  • Micool%s's Photo
    Holy Ptooie!!!!


    :D :D :D :D :D

    I'll give some thoughts in about a week. :)
  • Coaster Ed%s's Photo
    Well all four of these parks pissed me off. They pissed me off because I had tons of ideas that were somehow in these parks. Nobody stole them from me, I haven't shared them with anybody, but they just had the same great ideas and beat me to the punch. Shit. Bastards. Personal grudges aside, I loved all of these and I'd like to take some time to explain why but there's something I need to say first...

    Fantastic Wonders:

    I am speechless here. This park is absolutely mind-blowingly brilliant. I love every single tile of it. Every single bush and tree. I'm going to let my emotions swallow me up here for a minute because parkmaking this good deserves overly excited enthusiastic praise. It really is like nothing I've seen before like it came right out of the imagination. This is the RCT I see in my head and I've been too damn busy to cyphon any of it out for the past 6 months but Timothy Cross has done it. He's stuffed a million new ideas into one park and all of them are GOOD too. Fan-frickin'-tastic. I don't really want to do a section by section overview here because that's far too restrained and ordered. This park is creative and fun and carefree and that's just the way I like it.

    Alright, let me try to put some order to all this madness. I'll start with the Giant Garden section. That was my theme! Shit I even have it written down in my special sketch pad of ideas under things to do. I'm going to scratch it off now because I would have done it in RCT1 and it wouldn't have been half as good as this. That ant-hill ride? Inspired. The micro machine ride? Pure nostalgia. The carrot patch? Brilliant atmosphere. That barely scratches the surface. Loved every inch of it. Best section I've ever seen.

    But that was just the beginning. The Robo section was even more amazing. Wow, huge robo sign +10. Picturesque lake +60. Nifty architecture +150. Awkward but still fun coaster +40. Holy hell those are giant robots! +10,000,000. I've died and gone to RCT heaven. Now this is the best section I've ever seen.

    None of the other sections on the whole impressed me as much as those two but the ideas are there throughout. The architecture, like nothing I've seen before, makes me want to abandon RCT/LL right now. I'll have to sort that one out for myself but seeing those rejuvenates my desire to create. The atmosphere is here in spades. The attention to detail, especially, is unprecedented. Timothy Cross, you have shamed me at my own game. The details in this park are endless. I could spend an entire day exploring this park. I will too, I'll set a day on my calender for it.

    One last thing, I would like to envoke the sacred Disney name here because to me this park is Disneyland. Remember the sense of wonder and amazement you experienced while visiting Disneyland for the first time? That's me looking at this park. You want to know Disney's secret? The key to true Disney-quality parkmaking? Well folks I'll tell you. It's the magic. That inexplicable invisible force that you can't describe and you can't pin down but you can feel it's presence. I know nothing about Tim (the enchanter?) or how he makes parks but he's got that magic here splashed all over the place. Drops of pure, refreshing, imagination flooding the fertile fields of anytown USA. This is what Disney means folks, not the rides or the theming or the atmosphere or the fun-for-the-whole-family pamphlets and overpriced tickets. It's the magic of imagination that brings out the kid in all of us and demands that we have a good time no matter what our inhibitions may be. I could say that all of the coasters were awkward and lack polish but that would be like walking up to the Mona Lisa and sneering that the teeth look a little crooked. You don't analyze beauty, nor do you attempt to explain or categorize the ethereal. You just let it be and enjoy it's aura as long as it lasts because magic is all too rare in this world and when you catch a glimpse of it for whatever reason, you better not look away.

    No discredit to aero21, his park was uber-sweet but this right here is my Spotlight. This is a UIX. It's Hybris Mega Park. It's one of those parks that changes you profoundly once you've seen it for the first time. As a member of the parkmaker selection committe I'll just say this publicly right now so my stance is clear (if it wasn't already).

  • Corkscrewed%s's Photo
    My thoughts exactly, Ed. Iris... you can make your announcement. He needs nothing more than a logo now. ;) :p
  • sircursealot%s's Photo
    Great round!

    Fantastic Wonders...not as amazing as Ed described it, but pretty damn good. The detail is excellent, and the garden section is jaw-dropping.
    Exile was 10X better than I thought it would be. Just amazing. The landscaping, archy, and everything!
    WBHA was also awesome. OZONE's best work, no doubt.
    Tambora was...meh.
  • Marshy%s's Photo
    I'm sorry, but i thought Fantastic Wonders was messy :'(
  • thorpedo%s's Photo
    WB Hawaii: Nothing really new here to me, cause I saw the park with only one area left to finish...but its still excellent. The theming and archy are both unimaginably breathtaking, and the rides are really creative. My favorite area would have to still be Kuzcotopia and Yzma's Lab. Great stuff in that section. Terminator was really creative in a sense to the movie...and the park as a whole is great. Woohoo OZONE!

    Fantastic Wonders: I don't have RCT2 on this computer. I'll edit this when I get back to my regular one.

    Tambora Lagoon: Uh....? This park was ok in some places, with the archy being absolutely spanking...but the theming and coasters lacked in almost every area. I have not been of fan of Kumba really...his parks are a little messy, and this is no exception. Sorry.

    Exile: My favorite runnerup here. I know most people don't find this park all that exciting...but I find it as a journey into the terrible mind of freak. The rides that he creates, especially the adventure ones, are amazing. Machu Piccu was really awesome, the theming and the coaster itself blows me away. The theme as a whole is very boring throughout the whole park, but his archy and coasters never cease to amaze me. Great job, freak.

    LOL @ iris...NOBODY BUG HIM!!! :lol:
  • Evil WME%s's Photo
    1. Fantastic Wonders. 8.9
    2. WB Hawaii. 7.3
    3. Tambora Lagoon. 5.6
    4. Exile. 4.2

    possibly i can find some arguments for the marks :p
  • Toon%s's Photo
    I haven't looked at the RCT1 parks yet, but I did take a long hard look at Fantastic Wonders. I'm not surprised that there is a little controversy over this park, because it is brave enough to break the mold in a style similar to Wormwood (which also got mixed reviews). This park is about the park and not the themes to a large extent. The creativity here is amazing. Look closely and you'll see a ton of RCT2 ideas that I'm sure will be imitated and copied many, many times in the future. I know I'll be filching a few of them. The scary part is that this guy can only get better. Deserving of a Runner-Up and definitely the equal of Wormwood imo.
  • Dixi%s's Photo
    Unfortunatly Fantastic Wonders was the only park i am able to view. But by all means it lives upto its name. What I loved about this park more than anything is that no matter where you go theres music playing..... and it fits too. Not only that but the atmosphere is so enveloping and beautiful, it makes me want to jump into my computer screen. Damn, I for one think he deserves the parkmaker place if he gets it. Timmothy Cross, I take my hat off to you. :)

    Hmm, I really need to sort out some way to get LL working.
  • Raven-SDI%s's Photo

    After seeing Fantastic Wonders...

    I feel like quiting RCT 2. I wish I could make something half as good as that.


    Good jobs on most of the parks guys.

  • rctfreak2000%s's Photo

    Sorry Freak, but Exile did not seem to impress me.  Nothing really new or exciting and the archy was boring. But it still deserved a runner up.

    The other parks on the other hand were fantastic.

    Great job everyone.  :yup:

    But the funny thing is, I don't care. In fact, you could all hate it and I would still continue to build parks the way I like them. Exile was created as a personal project for me. If other people like it, then that's a great bonus. Otherwise, I'm still proud of my work.

    The other parks will get a review from me when I get the internet back(I'm at school).

    I also thought I would add that the good thing about my "dull and boring" theming is that it gives you a chance to view the coasters more in depth and appriciate more of the park as a whole. Although, I must say, I find the theming to be nice. Of course, nothing amazing. Hopefully my spinoff park, Xanfia, will change that.

  • jhoffa%s's Photo

    It's Hybris Mega Park.

    *Starts shaking.
  • Aérôglòbe%s's Photo
    Exile - Exile was very nice, in my opinion. The Hawaiian area was very iffy, but I especially liked the Aztec, Xanfia, and Medievil sections in the park. The adventure rides were, like all of Freak's, amazing. Mantis' coaster was great, and I really liked the hack idea he used. Spirits of Xanfia absolutely blew my mind. And, one thing I noticed is how good the queue lines were. I don't see parkmakers concentrating on the queues, and I really liked the ones here. It definitely deserved this position.

    Fantastic Wonders - Nice, but not my piece of cake. It was just too fantasy for me. I like ride style fantasy a lot, such as Mala, and Aero21's parks will definitely grow to be some of my favorites after a while, but Fantastic Wonders might take quite a bit. It might be a growing park on mine. The theming was mind blowing, but the lack of good rides disappointed me.

    WB Hawaiian Adventure - I liked Aviator's work on the park better than Ozone's to be honest. The entrance map was great, but to me, the rest of the park just wasn't enough. I didn't really like this one. But, I must congratulate Ozone on a very good Looney Toons section.

    Tambora Lagoon Resort - Nope. Not at all. I just really did not enjoy this one. It was just... so... not me. I didn't really like the style, and there wasn't enough architecture in the park for me, probably because the first park I ever looked at was Ancient Pastimes II. But, I still didn't like it. Has an OK water coaster and giga in it, though.

    Aérôglòbe Posted Image
  • Coaster Ed%s's Photo
    Oh, I guess I forgot something. This goes out to all four of the runner ups, excellent work everybody.

    Posted Image
  • FantastiCo%s's Photo
    I just want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on my park. I'm glad that the majority of you liked it. As for those who did not, that's fine too. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, I'd like to say congradulations to all the other runner-ups. I think we all did a great job in making this one of the best rounds ever. Thanks to all of you, and thanks to Iris as well.
  • Ablaze%s's Photo
    Great parks in that round, Exile and Ozone's were both 2 great examples of Rct1 good runner ups. Ozones was very full of great different rides where as Exile had probably some of the best adventure rides yet.

    Good job everybody.