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    I'm just going to ignore the elephant in the room here, this does have heavy shades of Starpointe and whatnot. 


    I also don't have much to say to you, gforce, since I feel like I've already told you everything I think you could do better and we talked frequently during your building process. 


    Really this park is just great. It's just done everything right, everything well and looks great doing so. On top of that, it's LOADED with content and park substance. Each of the coasters has it's own little area and are divided up well. To me that's whats most impressive about this park, it's just got all that consistently good work all over. I really love how big it feels. The size of the hyper is really a big contributer to this. It's hard to ask for any more since you hit the object limit and I hope voters keep that in mind, once you've hit that it's hard to get much better. 


    The park is clearly one of the best realistic parks ever made, and one of the nicest and certainly a park that represents where realism stands today.


    The spotlight vote is where it gets tricky. The park's constancy and content is top notch, among the best ever. But... going back to the elphant, it's not cutting edge. It's just SG, so good. But maybe not SG, so great. It will be very interesting to see where the votes fall, I think we have a winner here though. Personally, I'd be surprised to see it "only' get Gold. 

    No matter what the vote, I'm amazed that you've pulled this off at all. You went from being an obnoxious ass and a horrendous rct player, to a great community member, park maker, and excellent player. All in a few months to. 


    Really excited to see what you do next, and there will be no questions next time.

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    wow, what a park.  The entrance is great.  Nice timing to have Fury fly by right as the park opens.  Great pacing on it and it creates a great entrance.


    Windseeker and Voodoo compliment each other well.  Windseeker is hacked so well and it's oddly satisfying / relaxing to watch.


    Wizzer and the area around it is probably my favorite part of the whole park.  It captures the 70s feel perfectly, especially through the inclusion of a rare ride type that has hard to pull off layouts.


    Prowler was another highlight, the parallel diagonals are very attractive.  I don't want to say much more, the park speaks for itself.  The Cedar Fair atmosphere is on key.

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    Wow, from the overview it definitely looks like Spotlight material to me, but still have to check it out in game.

    It's great to see your quick progression G Force. When I saw your first work in the Canes forums it was good but this park is like wow :p

    Nice Christmas present :D

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    So I just checked it out in game and I must say it's even better than the overview :D

    Best piece of RCT I've seen in a long time. It's so clean and realistic and yet at the same time so atmospheric, it's really something you can be proud of! It reminds of Pac's work but yet you still added your own little twists and flavours to it to make it unique and refreshing.

    Great work once again G Force and grats on your first Spotlight (I'll eat my shoe if you don't get it :p )

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    Probably G Force has a trash bin fetish lol.

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    Clear spotlight
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    Watching this get built on stream was a treat, as well as a torture since I couldn't get the download then. Great to see it completed!
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    80% NO
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    If I may quote the Lego-Movie: "Everything is awesome!"

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    I'll leave some more detailed response later but I just think this has no character or individuality. This park was just a big slab of boring realism to me.

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    but I just think this has no character or individuality.


    Just like many US parks

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    Probably G Force has a trash bin fetish lol.




    This was a great touch. It's not G Force, it's a Cedar Fair thing. Everyone makes fun of them for it.






    I'll write a review later but I'll say that as a Cedar Fair passholder this has a ton of awesome, Cedar Fair details in it. These would be lost on people that don't go to their parks often but I'm glad you went the extra mile to add them.

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    Nice park. I think it's kind of the opposite of what Poke said - it's a traditional American park but you still managed to construct it in a unique way. 


    I was hoping it would be a bit bigger, but it's still pretty impressive. The two other things I would change are Centurion's colors (What happened to the yellow and purple?) and the abundance of the 2x2 oak trees.


    While it didn't blow me away like Starpointe or Thorpe, I think it's still deserving of the spotlight. Congrats. 

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    As you know I think this is outstanding, you nailed the look and feel of Cedar Fair (maybe even more than Starpointe did) and created a tremendous park with a great atmosphere.


    It's obvious that you really know your Cedar Fair parks because there were a lot of "Cedar Fair" details that people who don't frequent the parks might overlook.


    - The blue entrance sign in a "Cedar Point style"

    - The modern "front gate coaster" based on Fury325 in this case

    - The Great America style entrance with the sign up front and fountains.

    - The abundance of trash cans

    - The abundance of shade canopies

    - The Fury entrance area with the lockers, modern cool sign and exit through the gift shop. I enjoyed this on Flight Deck also.

    - The Vortex inspired coaster that used to have yellow track that's now a Rougarou style floorless with an obvious old school standup layout.

    - The "Centurion" name which has been trademarked for Cedar Fair and the rumored name of every new addition they've had for the last 5 years.

    - Prowler's layout, theme and swoop around the observation tower.

    - The Paramount style Bumper Car building

    - The Skyway with the Cedar Point style towers and CGA style stations

    - The Fastlane lines that look great on new coasters and forced on old ones from before the system was in place

    - The Voodoo name which was the original name for Posessed

    - Demon Drop with a short queue. I was about to call you out on this but given the year I assume this is a fantasy world where it's the exact same version that now resides at Dorney. Because it's "new" the queue is appropriately short but interestingly enough the location near the gate and off to the side is consistent with it's old location at Cedar Point.


    Overall even if you're not a Cedar Fair fan this is awesome but those details put it over the top for me. I love that you built a Whizzer style coaster as you don't see that very often and it's obvious that this was originally a "Great America" park. The old "Demon" coaster which seems to have been removed in anticipation of Fury reinforces this. Interestingly enough this location is sort of consistent with the Dragon Fire location at Canada's Wonderland which is currently being teabagged by Leviathan. I assume that was a happy accident but it's very Cedar Fair.


    Fury is great too with the support structure that's minimally supported because of the archlike design where the drop brace goes straight into the ground at the same angle of the drop during the pullout section and into the ground at the angle of the lift on the lift section. The overly long and staggered brake run is a nice touch too.


    A few of my other favorite things were the kids coaster "Woodstock's Express", the frontier train station and the brilliant wild mouse.


    If I had to bitch about something it would probably be the architecture which is damn good but has room for improvement. I know I'm throwing rocks from a glass house and as I said, it's very good but since this is a Spotlight park I need to nit pick. The only other thing I could bitch about from a realism perspective is the Chaos ride which absolutely would have been removed like it was from every other corporate park but I kind of like that it's there to provide a little originality to the park.


    Overall though this is an elite park. It's absolutely one of my 2-3 favorites of all time but part of that is because I love the Cedar Fair style since we spend so much time at their parks. This park is awesome, great job and it's an obvious Spotlight. 90%

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    Wow, looks impressive. I'm a bit torn on spotlight yes or no question, as I find the park offers little development over other ultra realistic ones like Wattkins or Rob's spotlight. I miss the clear kick of originality a spotlight should come with.


    It is a very warm and inviting park though which is usually rare in this style. As I can't view in game I won't vote. It's either a super high gold or low spotlight for me. Good luck G Force and congrats on the achievement. You've put your name on the radar for the top players now.

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    I just noticed the grass texture under Flight Deck... are you using objects just to use objects? Stop being such a fucking Robbie. lol

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    I very much agree with posix.