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    Holy shit, it's finally here!


    Will write a full review later. But wow this looks good!


    Edit: Review


    First off, congratulations on finally finishing this. It has been a blast watching this in the streams. Let's get into it.


    This is going to be a bit all over the place, I looked at the park for a while and I will just go back and randomly say things that I liked and did not like.


    First off, Jagganath. I fucking love it. It is such a cool ride, is has so much flow from every direction you look at it. The helix into the break run through the looping is just amazing. The station building, albeit a bit simple fits perfectly. The surroundings are beautiful. Jagganath is in my opinion the best rollercoaster ever build in rct. The only complaint I have is that the canopies over the queue seem to be floating. (as was mentioned by others)


    Then Naga, Naga looks amazing. When seeing you build the looping supports in the stream I did not really think much of it, and to be honest. I did not really like them. Ingame however I think they look amazing. They are not perfect, but looking at the obvious limitations of the game they are really ingeniously made. Furthermore I just think Naga's layout is really nice and the station is great.


    I also really like Shinobi, it really feels like a newer coaster that was added to the park later on. It looks great and has some nice interactions. The Japanese area around it is just great and has some of the best architecture of the park imo.


    The Tibet area is also great, before you revamped it I thought it was the worst area of the park, but now I think it is one of the better ones. The ice coloured stones look great and I could imagine them in a real park any day. I also really like the part of Garuda after the splash were the coaster goes over the path again. It just looks cool. Furthermore I just love all the little touches in this area like the small totem thingy in front of the swinging ship, the flags and the small stairway near the drop tower. A minor complaint I have is that the area behind the turn around for garuda seems a bit tightly packed, giving it a bit of an uninviting alleyway view. However on the other hand I also think it has some charm to it. Futhermore I thought it was a shame that Mandala wasn't running.


    The stables between the Tibetan and the Chinese area were a great idea. The only thing I don't like is that you changed the roof of the stables. You used to have a timberframelike roof if I remember correctly and to be honest I liked that one better. It still looks great though.


    The chinese area was also great (suprise suprise), I really liked the kiddie area and overall the architecture is great. Furthermore the Tea cup rides was perfect. However there was one thing I really did not like. The exit building from Fenghuang is not finished! The roof is floating and there are no walls or floor. This really is a shame because it's kind of an eyesore in one of the best areas of the park. On the other hand I think the area near the turn around of Fenghuang was very nicely done, I was afraid you were going to leave it grassy but it looks great now. (This goes actually for all the park edges). Also Ernie's Duck Drop is not connected to the path.


    The Angkor river rapids was great. The fallen tree was a great detail and overall the ride was really nice. The entrance building was really nicely executed altough it did not appeal to me as much as some of the other entrance buildings in the park.


    I liked the entrance building of the chairlift but it was a shame it trapped all the guests. I also did not like the cablecars, I think it's an ugly object. But of course this is not really your fault but more a limitation of the game. The big restaurant  with the chairlift going over it was probably the best part of the Istanbul area.


    Another thing I really like are all the custom flat rides in the park. They're all almost flawlessly executed. The only thing that really dissapoints me is that you did not make them peopable. That would add some atmosphere, even if the people could only stand in line.


    I also did not really like the orange thingies on the ground near the river rapids. What were they supposed to be? They look kind of weird to me.


    Lastly I think the log flume was great. Station looks kind of odd since it's not really themed but it looks great.


    Overall I really like the park but it has some obvious flaws. These flaws could have easily been prevented by some more thorough park testing. (There are also some minor flaws in the overview picture that I think should be fixed.) That being said I don't think the flaws are really that big of a deal, I was a bit dissapointed that they were in there but I still think they are just some minor discrepancies. In the end I still think that for me personally, this is the best park ever on this site. Therefore I still voted 100%.


    Edit 2: Congratulations on spotlight and the highest rated park by the accolade panel so far :)!

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    And here I was thinking what a slow day it had been on NE.... can't wait to check this out

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    First impression: Awesome park, and Shinobi might be my favourite RCT2 coaster of all time.

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    If this doesn't win Spotlight I'm going to lose my mind.

    Well done, Robbo. Full review when I'm not stuck at work!
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    The exit of the chairlift is awesome! You managed to trap over 1000peeps in there, that´s incredible...

    Also the logflume really needed those three thousand extra layers, doesn´t glitch at all...

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    Total shit, start over.

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    That Arrow looper and Jagganth (or however you spell it) are two of the best coasters I've ever seen.  What a shame that the object limit held this park back.

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    Rob where's my 1% for the rapids hack? :p


    Also, I told you that you would finish this before I finished KnoxVegas lol

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    Congratulations on finally finishing this Rob! It has been one hell of a journey watching you build a majority of this on twitch, and I'm glad to say that I've been fortunate enough to see most of them.


    The streams themselves inspired me to keep building, and to become active on this site again, so I just thought I would say thank you! :p


    I can't wait to see what you build next! :D

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    No insta-spotlight? I am surprised! :D


    From a quick overview it looks awesome, but I'll definitely take a closer look tomorrow!

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    Looking at this now things feel a lot less empty than they did whilst watching your live streams, nice job. I'll give you a full review tomorrow

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    I've never said "Wow" so many times in my head when viewing an RCT park.  Just amazing!  I still have memories of Busch Gardens Williamsburg when I was 6 years old (20+ years ago) riding Drachen Fire, Loch Ness Monster, and Big Bad Wolf; and you managed to capture that and put an AMAZING spin on it with an Asia theme set just perfectly!  I could see this actually placed somewhere in California and still just standing there as a 6 year old being blown away!  Thank you for that fantasy-flashback!

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    Truly a special park and day for NE.  This is a huge accomplishment and displays a level of perseverance that few possess.  To be frank I was a little worried that the park would feel a little rushed like SFSF, but you proved me wrong.  I was definitely impressed and the park gave me a complete and fulfilling experience that I didn't expect.  Definitely one of the greatest accomplishments in NE history and congrats on the well deserved spotlight.  I'll be sure to give this park a full review and walk through soon. 

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    Holy shit, what's with the sudden surge of awesome parks?! First Westwinds, then Wasteland and now BGA!

    From what I can tell from the overview it looks definitely like a Spotlight and a truly special park.


    Congrats Rob for being able to finish such a large park project to such high standards!

    I'll write a more elaborate review when I checked it out in-game.

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    If we had a like button I would like SSS's post.
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    I'm just going to come out and say what we're all thinking...


    Rob... WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BIRD? This park is shit. 0/10!


    Okay, in all seriousness I think it's obvious that this park is a definite Spotlight and one of the top 10 parks of all time. Obviously this park has awesome architectural and creative moments but I think what it will be remembered for is 3 of the greatest realistic coaster layouts of all time.


    Jagannath is obviously the star. As far as I'm concerned this is the best realistic coaster layout in the history of RCT. It flows beautifully and it adds a touch of originality to the cookie cutter B&M formula while keeping it believable. It's location and the architecture around it give it an incredible scale and presence and it really “feels” like a huge, old school Busch Gardens invert like Alpengeist and Montu. The layout of this coaster is flawless and the transition from the cobra roll to the mid course is simple, yet brilliant.


    Robbie being Robbie will probably be humble about this and swear that there have been better layouts and mention some 15 year old bullshit from Rivers of Babylon or something but Rob, stop it and take the compliment. This coaster is outstanding.


    Garuda is going to be overshadowed by Jagannath but it's wonderful. The lift, turnaround, drop and first inversion are all awesome looking.  If you're not a fan of realism and real parks you may not be able to appreciate it but just the blocking is perfect. That midcourse is exactly where it needs to be as the train has just enough to clear the lift block if it's dispatched as soon as the block is cleared. This is exactly how B&M would have done it. The Sheikra inspired second half fits great and the meandering, useless crap after the splashdown is the most B&M thing ever. The layout flows well, it's incredibly believable and the area around it brings it to the next level by adding to the theme and sense of scale. Also, X7123M3-256's trains only helped make this look even better and more imposing than it already was.


    Shinobi is great also. It's so well integrated into the park that you'd really never know this coaster was kind of an afterthought. Sometimes I feel like interaction feels forced in RCT but this coaster takes every possible opportunity to interact with the pathways and buildings around it and it does it very organically. Great, great stuff.


    As far as Fenghuang and Naga, both of those are great also. I love Naga's support work and the placement of the Double Loop. This is going to sound stupid but the station area and run to the lift that follows the path are really nice also.


    As far as the non coaster rides, Andaman Falls is absolutely the best flume support work I've ever seen. Excellent job on this. Angkor River Rapids is great too. It's a bit of a mess but the more you look at it the more it sucks you in. I still love the fallen tree.


    As far as general park areas go, the Tibet area is incredible and oozes with atmosphere. I love the flags, the architecture and the way the entire area serves to make Garuda look so imposing. This is one of the best themed areas I've seen in RCT. This level of quality continues over the bridge to Bengal Trading Co, Majarajah's March and the area around Jagannath. This area of the park contains some of the best RCT work ever.


    So far I've done a lot of gushing and I know that, but as incredible as it is this park isn't without it's flaws. I'll be honest... it does feel in areas like you rushed it at the end and it's a shame because it did take away from it just a tiny bit because a park of this quality deserves better than that. I'm not talking about the areas where you needed to save object space. That's understandable but there were some small details that were left out that I was a little surprised by. Here are just a few examples...


    - The shade canopies in Jagannath's queue are floating in mid-air.


    - The shade canopies in Naga's queue are floating in mid-air.


    - The roof floating over the queue on the way into Jagannath's station is floating in mid-air.


    - There's a building in front of flying carpet that you forgot to finish so there's a roof floating in mid-air


    - The exit ramp for Shinobi really needs railings... this shouldn't bother me as much as it does.


    - There are missing railings in the area around Shinobi where you have posts.


    - Mandala is closed and there's no way for peeps to even get to it because you forgot to build invisible queue and pathways.


    - Thousands of peeps are stuck in the Skyride station with no way to escape


    The only other small cons for me were the entrance area which doesn't really live up to the rest of the park but part of this may be due to the object limit and a realism issue I've never noticed before: the fact that Jagannath don't have enough trains. Since it has a midcourse brake run, it should both run 3 trains. If it was designed to run 2 it wouldn't have or need a midcourse. Of course you could argue that on this particular day they're running 2 trains but they don't have space for the additional train in transfer so that doesn't hold up. This isn't a big deal though... hell I made the same mistake on Blackhawk in Sunset Vista. Naga appears to have the same issue but it's Arrow so it doesn't need to have space for all trains in transfer so no problem there.


    Okay, enough complaining. The fact is that for every minor detail you missed you included one that blew me away like the elevator in Jagannath's station, the Majarajah's March building, the way you strategically hid the backstage areas on the walkway over the access road to Garuda's maintenance building, the Garuda mid course stairs and walkway which are just so, so good and the Naga statue and station.


    Overall this park was outstanding. The coaster layouts were some of the best ever made in RCT, the architecture and atmosphere in Tibet and near Jagannath really raised the bar and the park is so packed with details that even after looking at it for about an hour I keep finding new things.


    Great job Rob, this further solidified your place among the best players the game has ever seen. On behalf of everyone, thanks for finishing this.


    Obvious Spotlight.

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    Genuinely my favourite park of all time. It's beautiful Robbie, the way you combated the object limit is such a testament to the perseverance and motivation you had to finally finish this. Will aim to get a full review up soon (still got Westwinds and fucking H2H to do -_-)

    Can I just say, my favourite part of this park might actually be the fact that you pathed up the interior of the tiger enclosure. Seeing the peeps through the glass was so perfect. Certainly makes up for that missing bird ;)


    Any chance of a reupload to fix the fact that there is no path connecting the entrance to the hopper in Sesame Street (just before the number of downloads explodes too much)? Minor point (requires literally 2 invisible paths), but it solves an important peep jam.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far, guys. I totally missed that big peep jam, so let me upload one with that fixed when I'm back home in a few.


    EDIT: A corrected file was sent to Liam, he's update the park in the database tomorrow. Sorry :(

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