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    This gonna be one of the most important LL release in history.

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    Gonna go ahead and say this is the best LL park this side of BGSS.  Best part is I think your next park will be even stronger.

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    This is just brilliant. 

    Amazing work alex!

    Video review with some more useful thoughts will follow later.

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    some of the best LL ive seen, and i havent touched LL in YEARS!

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    You've got a distinct style, and you absolutely nailed the theme. This park is wonderful in just about every aspect. I'd like to see you work on small details next; they would put your parks completely over the top. 


    Your use of trackitecture is simply amazing. So clean, and every bit of it is necessary. 


    85% from me, perhaps more because you chose all of my favorite songs. 

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    This shit is DOPE. Wow. Give this guy a Spotlight already.
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    Usually with these high quality parks, the yes/no vote is harder than the percentage. Here, it is the other way around. Is it spotlight-worthy? No doubt. As clear as BGA. But the percentage! Usually there are parks you can compare this to and see that the park did certain things worse or better compared to the others. With Luna Park I have no clue how to score this. Could be 80. Could be 95. I don't know.
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    Disappointed that I can't check this out until tomorrow.
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     With Luna Park I have no clue how to score this. Could be 80. Could be 95. I don't know.


    Did you like everything in this park?

    I'm more torn on the spotlight call.  

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    [ntamin22' timestamp='1461875076' post='696718']
    Did you like everything in this park?

    Yes. There are some things that could've been better in my opinion, or there are things I would've done differently, but I don't think there's anything I outright dislike. Why?
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    (yes, I know voting is more nuanced than that, but hey - it's the only official criteria we have)

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    That "I liked everything... /I liked most...." thing is the dumbest thing in the history of NE.
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    I've talked before about how we could make a more formulaic standard - "This park demonstrates poor/adequate/good/exceptional skills in parkmaking" - but that still calls into question what Parkmaking is, exactly.

    Being as wide open as this "liked none/some/most/all" standard might look silly on the surface but it allows a lot of room for work that is obviously good, enjoyable work but not a great match for accepted NE standards or the popular style.  It's balanced by the panel generally "liking" things that do match the accepted / popular style more.

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    I have two opinions on it:
    1. Why do panelist need to be told what each % means in the first place? I could understand it at the beginning of NE5 or the panel, but now?
    2. Why are we telling panelist how to vote in the first place?  Other than "be objective" there shouldn't be any real guidelines (I'll probably regret saying this in the future).

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    I´m pretty sure panelist should be able to figure out what % they vote on their own. On my time at the panelist I found those "advises" more distracting then helpful.


    Maybe it would be better to discuss this further in a seperate topic though. I guess alex is more interested in feedback.

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    Oh hell yes. This is magnificent. I agree with G Force and pierrot, this is a landmark release. But of course we've practically known that from the start, still it's so exciting to finally see it all finished! It shows the same kind of imagination and dedication, and great feeling for period correct details, that Lake Chronus had, and still this is a big step up both technically but most of all esthetically. A stylistic triumph. Classic rides like the Virginia Reel and the Flying Turns are exceptionally well done (though I wish the Turns would've been just a bit bigger), and I don't think I've ever seen a better boardwalk or pier in RCT (1 or 2). Also the Cyclone's ratings, what a great detail, haha! Definitely a spotlight for me, no question about it. 

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    Wow this park is incredible. the amount of references and recreations of real 1920s coaster things is incredible. I especially love the virginia reel, thats the only time I think I've ever seen a virginia reel layout the way its actually looked in real life. and the cyclone is beautiful too, probably my favorite coaster in the park. the surroundings are also top notch and full of amazing details. There's just so much to see here, so much action and movement and spinny things and just great ideas all around. The architecture is amazing all around, with consistently awesome (new!) ideas and ways of constructing things. I was impressed again and again by your creativity, especially with the custom rides.


    I have no idea how I want to vote or score it though, when I was going over it I felt it wasn't quite there for spotlight despite its amazing quality but now I'm not too sure. I'll have to mull it over I guess...


    I should play LL some more :p

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    2. Why are we telling panelist how to vote in the first place?  Other than "be objective" there shouldn't be any real guidelines (I'll probably regret saying this in the future).



    The panel isn't meant to be objective. It's not saying that one park is purely better than another, it's a subjective rating system designed around people's opinions of a work. 

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    I just noticed the building where you used monorails opening and closing continuously to mimick neons. brilliant. 

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