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    Absolutely phenomenal. So pleasing to the eye and intriguing.

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    Wonderful. One of the best Atlantis themes in a very long while. So much love and warmth in this. Has the spirit that made me fall in love with this website ages ago. Should be a high design win. Thank you guys for making this.

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    Absolutely stunning. Why doesn't this have more comments?

  • Sulakke%s's Photo

    Comments are in this topic: http://www.nedesigns...-14th-biathlon/

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    lol oh. That's what I get for drinking and rct"ing".

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    I wouldn't mind some more comments for this here as well. And some votes!
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    is there an overview for this?

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  • posix%s's Photo

    Why does this not have an accolade yet?

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    Missing one vote.
  • G Force%s's Photo
    Because the panel sucks and no one can do their job and vote.

    Tons of recent parks with 2-4 votes left, just annoying.
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    Tons of recent parks with 2-4 votes left, just annoying.


    Bamboo Gardens anyone? :p

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    Sorry, that was me holding things up by not voting.


    Congrats on design!

  • Scoop%s's Photo

    well finally another one in the books

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