Park / NEDC3 - Timmy's Muffin Mountain Adventure


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    yes finally


    this park is actually really good, I really enjoy what you did with the rooves. the foliage is mostly fun and atmospheric throughout although maybe a little bit barren in places. all the cake stuff was fantstic, and I loved the general vibe, although the layout itself was a bit whatever.

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    For something that was essentially a joke park, it is incredibly good and full of great stuff.


    Whilst the layout isn't fantastic (I mean, its Dynamite Blaster, its not going to ever be fantastic), I still think this is design worthy, so well done.

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    Good to see a conceptionally strong fantasy build. I feel rather excluded from the restaurants and shops you built. First time I've seen single wides in a very long while. And with peeps no less. Beautiful.


    Lots of ideas that are conceptionally sound, but executed in a technical, at times very unpleasant looking way. If you change that, you'll be today's Coaster Ed.

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    This is very nice! Nothing here really blew me away but it comes together to create a pretty nice atmosphere.

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    Fun stuff. Reminds me of Thoughts. Pretty much agree with Posix here - i would've loved to see this cool, whimsical idea executed in a less crude looking way.

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    Two more votes needed!

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    Why do I have 1% on this?

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    Duh, it's your recipe