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    Very nice! Sorry if im bothering you but this park is still rocking man! I love this! Thanks for showing it again!

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    hey when i downloaded this it went to error trapper! what is wrong?

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    Are you using Open RCT2? I believe due to the age of the file it needs to be viewed in Vanilla RCT2

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    It should open fine in OpenRCT2.  It does not allow me to open it in Vanilla however.


    Perhaps Bill added some OpenRCT2 only things to the map.


    Historyfreak, pPerhaps you should try using OpenRCT2 if you aren't already, its a far superior version of the game and only takes a minute or two to download.  You seem to be unable to view a number of parks because they are Open exclusive.  I'm not sure why you'd be so against adapting the new version of the game.

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    This should work in Vanilla and Open.

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    Is vanilla regular rct2?

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    Yes, Vanilla is regular RCT2.


    I have updated the file, it should work on both now.  Sorry about that, no idea what the problem was.

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    Thanks it work now! So Coasterbill may I ask you this! Was this inspired by Six Flags Worlds of Adventure/Geauga Lake? I'm only wondering because Osirus, & Thunder look very good to me!

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    I must say Bill, $69.99 for a season pass to this park would be a very good deal.  You'd be losing out on a lot of money that with that price.

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    I must say Bill, $69.99 for a season pass to this park would be a very good deal.  You'd be losing out on a lot of money that with that price.


    Okay then now im wishing this park was in real life! I think San Antonio Texas where the hill country is but maybe not!

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    ^^ Since this park was built when Six Flags Worlds of Adventure / Geauga Lake was still a thing it was heavily based on that park. The layout, invert, boat ride across the lake and SLC were all built with that park in mind.



    I must say Bill, $69.99 for a season pass to this park would be a very good deal.  You'd be losing out on a lot of money that with that price.


    Probably, but that was in 2007 dollars. lol

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    Even so, $70 in 2007 equates to $84 today, which is still dirt cheep.

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    Okay well I'm looking forward to your emerald pointe soon!

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    obviously the park is showing its date, but I love that I can still see future coasterbill-ness in it. still impressive that you stuck it through and put it all together into a big finished park

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    This park is the real antithesis to what Dutch parkmaking looked like 12-10 years ago. I used to hate parks like this as a result. I can see some its qualities now, I guess because I can recognize the later Bill, but it's still not quite my cup of tea. Cool to see this, anyway! Glad you added it to the site.

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    Very basic and beginnerish, and not showing the desire to ignore the game's limit and pursue creative expression. But signs of colour talent throughout Thunder's part.

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  • Description

    Sunset Lake is a park set around a large, central lake. The park has something for all ages, from Mammoth (a large hyper coaster) to a large kids area complete with 3 pint-sized coasters.

    This park was completed 10 years ago and advertised here, but never officially submitted. I plan to submit a collection of old completed parks non competitively soon, but upon further review and after some feedback on Discord I've decided to submit this one competitively.

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