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    Match-Up #10: RRP vs. Xin

    #1 RRP with his entry:

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    #16 Xin with his entry:
    Rapid Cliffs

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    After 4 votes by the judges, the winner, by a score of 3 to 0, is... Xin

    Xin defies all logic to stun #1 seed RRP, who for reasons that are probably only known to himself built a pointless coaster that goes well of the edge off the map that it severely glitch'ed in the process. For this RRP was docked a vote and had -0 going into the match-up, but got 1 vote to bring his total up to 0. Xin will face Zodaic in round 2 and that assures us we will have an underdog in the sweet 16.

    OLE's writeup
    It's safe to say the biggest shock of all in this contest has happened after 10 short matches. It all starts with former Parkmaker RRP who has 2 Spotlights, a contest win and is considered to be one of the best LL players of his time. The obvious #1 seed faced Xin who has a lot of drive to improve his game but still has a long way to go before he can really compete. RRP came in fresh out of a lengthy retirement but seemed to have some problems adjusting to rct2 again. His entry, named "1", showed some good ideas but a lot of costly mistakes were made which really hurt him. The theme was showing a small snapshot of a bigger area with an actual working coaster that would run through the section of course shown. The idea backfired when he struggled with invisible track in RCT2 and caused a very glitchy map and a coaster that had lots of track going off the edge. This ended up costing him a vote for bending the rules and there was even talk of a DQ. For theming he made one half of the map water (which might have cost him more than the glitches) and a couple simple but nice buildings on the other half. The deep purple and yellow colors didn't appeal to everyone though and was just another nail in the coffin for RRP. Xin's entry, Rapid Cliffs, was centered all around a simple rapids ride and natural theming. The only structure was an ok wooden station building for the ride located in the center of the map among bare rocks and water. The layout of the ride is average and was fairly short with minimal theming. The whole entry lacked anything to really hold your attention as bare rocks can only last for so long. It shows promise but really was just about what everyone expected from him. While it can be argued that RRP's entry was still more creative than Xin's despite the flaws, the majority of the judges went with the ok showing of the underdog rather than the poor showing from the Parkmaker. The final vote was 3-0 meaning 4 votes were cast: 3 for Xin and 1 for RRP to bring him back to 0. Almost everyone but Xin himself will have to eat their words and chalk up another loss on their brackets after this one.

    Winner: Xin
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    I was really looking forward to see what the legendary RRP could do. apperently my and many other expatations where to high :( .
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    A little late, but oh well.

    Honestly, I did my best. I won by a large margin of votes, but I don't think I could do it again. I think a lot of that victory had to do with luck. Although when looking at RRP's entry, I do feel that mine looks better. I think he should have used LL. If he had done that, it would be him in Round 2, not me.

    BTW, I'd like to know where in the world he got the title for his entry. Unless it was just supposed to be a temporary name...

    Edited by Xin, 22 December 2007 - 12:05 AM.

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    Luck is NOT a factor in RCT.

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    Yeah, you cant exactly luckily assemble pieces into something that looks good. Although nieither entry was really that great. But I suppose you got lucky that RRP underestimated you and decided to expiriment, which didn't work out well.