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    This is super interesting to see. I have no clue how this would ever have come together, but it's a nice collage of separate ideas and things. A combination of Beejer, Arjan VL and ivo before he did all the expressionist shit.


    RIP Wolfman!

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    RIP Wolfman!


    This is a very inspirational collection of things. I hope people will look into this and don't overlook it because of h2h. Some of the ideas are pretty great and i hope someone will make something out of them one day.

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    the big structures are certainly quite impressive, the space mountain layout too. a pretty awesome building all up. I dont really understand the park layout or how it would have worked, but nice to see anyway. I like to think somehow my rct would be released if i died... I should write a will with directions to my save games folder :p

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    Like Cocoa said, the big structures also impressed me. Very complex but rather nice collage of ideas... it really makes me think of what it could have looked like if the project was completed. Hopefully someone may be able to carry on the project.

    Rip Wolfman! :(

  • Description

    Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well!

    In reminiscing on earlier days of New Element and various other old rct forums, I found an email from my friend the Wolfman dated Dec. 15, 2009.

    Wolfie passed away in 2011, a few months after we fell out of contact because of his continued health issues.

    The email I just found had an old park of Wolfman's attached--Ultimate Tomorrowland. Unfortunately, the park was never finished.

    I decided to upload the file for the sake of preservation, and to honor Wolfman's memory. He was as good an online friend to me as there could be, and I hope he's resting easy.

    I don't play the game much anymore, except to open it up once in a while for nostalgic reasons--of course I still check out new releases on NE every now and then too.

    Keep buildin y'all!



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