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    Just thought I'd share my RCT2 park, Bramble Lake Resort here on NE. I uploaded it to RCPro a year ago when I completed it, but I figured a few people here may not have seen it. It came #29 on the RCT2 Top 40 list. The map is comprised of Bramble Lake Amusement Park, Calypso Springs Water Park and Bramble Hills Hotel.

    Gotta say, a year on from when I completed it, I'm not as happy with the final product now as I was back then. The building style is a bit basic, but the goal of the project was to create one of the most realistic RCT2 parks out there, and I think I did quite well in meeting that aim. The park has a pretty realistic vibe, and the coasters are all pretty 'real'. As I say, I finished this last June, and probably started it a good year before that; I feel my parkmaking skills have improved a lot since then.

    Nonetheless, here is the download for Bramble Lake Resort - I'm still quite proud of it, so hope you enjoy it too :) Included with the download is a 'park brochure' - have a quick gander at that :)

    (if that's not working, use DOWNLOAD 2)

    Overview of Half the Park

    Dive Machine


    If you're a fan of realistic parks and coasters, you should find (at least bits of) this park to your liking.
    All comments etc. welcome!!

    Incidentally, my latest project, Magic Realms Resort (see Advertising District) is going to be taking Bramble Lake to the next level. Basically, Bramble Lake is a realistic amusement park, so theming and architecture kind of took a back seat - but Magic Realms will retain all the realistic rides and so on, but in a THEME park setting :)
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    The overview link is broken.
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    That's awesome stuff. The flying coaster has the best atmosphere.
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    These are the kind of parks I live for. Something with a lot of rides and a traditional atmosphere that I could spend hours looking through. It's about the rides, not the theming.. and I really like that. It's a very impressive park. Nice job. Would love to see more parks like this.
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    That screen is incredible :|

    OMG, I just viewed the park. I loved it, it is my favourite park now :D

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    Sorry for the massive bump, but someone requested this park, and all the above links are dead... so I've uploaded a fresh link:
    That should work fine.
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    Thank you very much!
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    Possible to re-post the screens?
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    I've seen it already but I totally forgot about how great this was!
    Why didn't this get an accolade?
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    I honestly do not think i have had that much fun looking at a park in a long time. Great job, now that you are about done with your other park, i would love to see you tackle this style of park again.
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    How did I miss this park ?
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    ^You really hadn't seen this before now?

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    I didn't love it as much as I did the first time lol. Didn't even realised I had viewed it ^_^ But it was still great
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    I really liked this park. So warm and fun and inviting. Lots of the rides interact in fun ways with each other and with the architecture/ park layout- a really good example of park composure. Archy is old fashioned but still pleasant and vibey. Definitely worth a check and a go at an accolade IMO, I'm surprised I'd never seen it before

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    I can't believe this wasn't in the database before, it's a bit of a classic.

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    This park was amazing, simply classic RCT. I loved looking through it and the rides were so unique!

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    What a nice surprise old release. eyeamthu1 has this irresistible macro skill to me. Just the composition of the vast and open entrance area wins me over immediately.
    Otherwise a fun unpretentious but ultimately quite superficial big mass.
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    I always thought this was a very good amusement park along with Magic Realms Resort as one of my favorite RCT2 Parks I ever downloaded! For those of your that are looking for a download of this park that works click the link here its in that link!



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    Alternatively, you can download Bramble Lake Resort here:


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    Yes and I just said that these files here didn’t work for me and the links are outdated and just meant that there’s still a reliable file on theme park review that you can download that works!