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Park_4897 Bohemian Rhapsody Synced Coaster


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    This was a treat... definitely a creative idea for a coaster. Music parks aren't super common, let alone a park that also happens to be a lyrics video. Feels like a combination of Luketh's vaporwave parks and this really old design, 'Composed' by Hevydevy but it manages to be even more surreal.

    Regarding the park itself, it certainly goes against just about everything to do with 'proper' parkmaking on the site, but it's a joy to look at as a result. While the scenery is amateurish, that gives this a minimalist and abstract feel... Also, viewing this with the LL textures helps.

    I admittedly have mixed feelings about the coaster... it's entertaining to listen to the music and view the ride at certain parts, such as the piano parts, 'any way the wind blows,' and 'galileo' and anticipating the lyrics. But for much of the ride, there isn't really any scenery, especially during the awesome guitar solo, which seems like a missed opportunity.

    The ride is totally absurd but the intensity understandable given how it's probably not that easy of a task to maintain pacing with the lyrics. While this isn't detailed or 'NE style,' I would recommend viewing this with the music, it is really fun to watch and a cool idea.

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    The video was very entertaining. I have a strong emotional connection with bohemian rhapsody, so this also touched me personally. Thank you for also sharing this on NE. It will be stored quite well in NEs database.

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    a clever video, with some good social media credit. would love to see this concept explored with even more elaborate effects and scenery!

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    This was really cool and it seems to be getting a lot of traction on Youtube which it really deserves. Great stuff!