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    comment below
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    Fuck yes.

    New favorite park right here.

    I will write a full review on this epicness later.
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    Congratulations eyeamthu1.

    This honor is well-deserved. Thank you for reminding me of all that a park can be.
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    gee, that's the most brilliant release page you have come up with so far. it looks very pretty.

    eyeamthu1, here's my post from the panel forum when i had just looked at and voted for the park. insane ...
    i'm in total awe. this was SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! omg ...
    the ride design is so godlike. how he integrates things !!!!! not sure when i last looked at a park for so long ...
    my understanding of realism has been redefined.

    for people who might wonder what the "spotlight score" is: remember in our release regulations we stated that for a submission to win spotlight, it must follow a park creation concept, pull off a score >=14.00, be larger than 115x115 and win an additional "spotlight yes or no?" poll in the panel with a majority of at least 60%. In that poll, 80% of the panel members voted "yes" this should win spotlight. therefore, this park has fulfilled all requirements at ease.
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    Love the park
    A Well deserved Spotlight

    I Love FROSTBITE! most insane coaster ever, dude :eek:
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    In the AD I wasn't really impressed with the screens, but when I downloaded it, it blew me away! The architecture wasn't that good, but everything else was incredible! So many good and original ideas... :eek:
    Finally a spotlight park that actually deserved spotlight!

    BTW, the field in the neutral area reminded me of oldschool dutch parkmaking, that's also a plus to me.

    Congrats on winning this! 8)
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    Parts of this were fantastic, and others didn't do anything for me at all.

    The Chinese and Aztec areas were fantastic, where as the Frostbite area and the Rock n Roll area weren't on the same level at all.

    I can definatly tell that you've been to Alton Towers though. There were a lot of ideas used in this park that look like they've come straight from Alton.
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    Whoa, I'm super-stoked that this won a Spotlight! Awesome, thanks to everyone who voted! :)

    First of all - the Release Page is great, so well done there. Logo's sweet, there's a lot of content on the page, and the full-scale aerial must have taken a long time to do! So thanks to everyone who put that together.

    I'm glad that everyone's seemed to 'get' the park - to understand its purpose, really. I'm really happy to see all these comments like 'from a peep's point of view' and 'I wish this park could be built in real life'. That was my motivation - I wanted to make a realistic themed park, which I would love to visit in real life. I know that the archy isn't that great (although I think over-detailing the archy makes the park a little unrealistic) but the focus of this park is definitely the coasters, and I think each one has its own unique merits :)

    Thanks once again -- I'm away for on holiday for a week now, so apologies if I don't reply to any comments for a while!
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    That's the most incredible park I've seen in a long, long time! :X
    Where do you get those good ideas?^^

    Hope we'll see more of your amazing work, soon. ;)
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    this is awsome....

    but its not my favorite.
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    This is in my top 3 with Mount Sinister and Rocky Mountain Mystique.
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    haha i'm jealous man looks awesome

    i'll check it out later
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    Wow man, great job. My favorite was the Maverick like coaster. Great layout and an ultra-extreme rating? I didn't even think that was possible. Not only that but it had great interaction with it-self. And you did a great job on the dueling flyers. I've seen better timed duels but it was still great. The only thing that kind of through me off was some of the acry in some areas but overall you did a great job.
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    It's about time this showed up on the front page.

    You're a beast man. This is inspirational, to say the least.
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    congrats on what looks to be a well deserved win bro. i havent looked at the park yet since im not at my house, but i'll get around to it tonight.
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    Yeah, I remember this guy..
    I got a PM from him a long time ago with some question about how I handled the invisible path method in Puysegur Point, if I remember correctly.

    I'm glad to see you were able to finish this massive project, and the way you made it realistic..
    The coasters were great, the brochure awesome and the theming pretty good..
    One thing that bothered me kinda though are the randomly placed benches and lamps on the pathing.. It would look more visually appealing and even more realistic if you put them only at the sides of the paths and not right in the middle of them where there's room needed for a smoothly flow of guests.. Now it looks a bit awkward imo..

    Congrats on this park and the Parkmaker spot, and hope to see more of you in the future!

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    This took about 3000 hours judging on the years :D
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    This is the best park i've ever seen.
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    the overview does this park NO JUSTICE.

    dude, your coasters are amazing. your archy along with ride placement is some of the best i think NE has seen in a very long time. I feel weird saying this but it looks like a SA park when you get it open, not only does it flow all the way through, you have such diverse sections so close to each other yet you just move through it without even noticing the massive transition of colors and theme, its beautiful.

    amazing park, a very well deserved spotlight.


    im gunna go drool over your beemers for another hour.
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    Woah.. this has to be the best park I've seen for a while, the integration with, well... everything, is fantastic! I looked at this park for so long, I was actually late for work.. was worth it though, because I have never seen such an inspiring piece of work at NE for a long time. I see the inspiration from Alton Towers here, which is my fav park btw. =]

    Congratulations on the spotlight, honestly one of the best I've ever seen... Makes me want to finish BoT now haha. =D