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    This park honestly has an amazing aerial... the terrain looks great. Unfortunately it doesn't look quite as refined upon closer inspection.

    It's a fun park though, pretty to look at and you definitely have potential, especially with the Asian area that actually looks quite nice.

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    Agree with Jag.. great aerial, and your landscaping was overall very pleasant. Your coasters/layouts were pretty poor sadly. Too slow of pacing and odd lifts in odd places. 


    A lot of this felt like fun and aesthetic scenario play.. sorta like early early LL stuff. 


    Regardless, good first submission.. I think if you work on replicating a few real coaster layouts and make stations for your rides you will be at some bronze level stuff in no time. 

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    Welcome to Imagination Adventures! Features six areas to greet guests as they find their way through the park's twisting layout. Guests can explore a medieval castle town, a classical roman mountain, an eastern garden, an ancient jungle, and a swashbuckling pirate hideout. Each adventure features unique boats, rollercoasters, flat rides, and food options.

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