Park / Ontdekkingspark Beringen Mijn - 1997

Park_4955 Ontdekkingspark Beringen Mijn - 1997


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    This park may be complete than you thought, this can definitely pass as a final product, although it's clear there is room for expansion. The good bits are the mine complex (the two entrances feel very real!), the outskirts, the supersplash and the haunted house.


    On the other hand, I don't think the pile of sand looks very good. I don't remember, but did you make the slc intentionally shit? If so, you can count it as a success. Cool station though.


    Of course I don't know what else you had in mind for this, but it feels like you've done the concept enough justice already, and I''m glad this is in the database now.

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    Reminds me a lot of EDK.. can definitely see some similarities between the two parks. Namely the SLC station and the haunted mansion dark ride. Rodelaar was pretty cool and not something you normally see in a park. 

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    Like a baby EDK. Sweet to see Jappy.

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    this is actually interesting- the industrial area is neat.

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    Wow, I hadn't even noticed you uploaded this. This was such a neat surprise! It was super cool to compare this later version to the 1995 save you posted on The New Block a while back.

    Everything about this is so classic Dutch, which I am an absolute sucker for, given I grew up with those parks. I love the extremely simple surroundings (those terraced houses are a staple of Dutch parkmaking), and the archy in the park (especially the industrial area) reminds me a lot of your older style, like FĂ´ret de Frissons and Vossendal.

    I adore the area around the nature park and the large sand hill, it feels so much like a small local park. I also love how you included a speleobox, haven't seen one of those in years! Am I correct in assuming Fireworks inspired the Fireworks Express in EDK? And don't think I didn't notice that Gravity Falls reference!

    Really neat little park, and a blast from the past. Would recommend checking this out!


    R.I.P. The New Block

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    A shame this came to an end earlier than hoped. But like Liam said, it's more complete than you thought. Some oldskool Jappy stuff like the Fireworks coaster but some cool stuff too like the supersplash.


    You're not continueing this one the side?! 


    Also want to point out I think the huge waste mountain is ugly. But I like the alpine coaster. At least it isn't one on supports.