Park / Knots Bessen Boerderij


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    Super glad you finished and released this Rene, really enjoyed following this back in the day when you we're posting the timeline updates.  I think the recent additions and stylistic improvements are great too, definitely feels like a natural progression of the classic dutch style and shows your ability as a parkmaker and detailer.


    Combining some Herschend elements with the more European feeling theming and coasters really lead to a unique park.


    While some aspects and objects do feel a little dated I don't really mind it, sorta a nice change from the hyper crunchy and micro style we're seeing with RCT currently.  Thinking this is going to be something I'll come back to often to just enjoy some solid parkmaking and fun theming.


    Hope we see more solo work from you in the future!

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    Pure nostalgia! Amazing park, Rene.

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    Congrats on the release, Rene. Really lovely park. Very unique to me, since I am not an expert on Dutch parkmaking. The layout of the park I think is different and the storytelling definitely helps sell it. 


    The theming here is super well done and elevates this quite a bit. Doesn't feel generic to me at all. Size-wise, there is a lot to explore which I enjoyed. Some areas you could tell were a bit dated, namely the entrance plaza. But, as you get deeper into the park, the area surrounding Tucano is very refined. It also seems that peep interaction is a major focus in this park with every ride going over or under paths. Really well done to avoid the dreading path islands!


    Figured I'd share a few screens of bits I enjoyed:


    Attached Image: Knot's Bessen Boerderij 2021-12-26 20-09-47.png


    Wooden coaster turnaround was very nice. Looks fun as hell.


    Attached Image: Knot's Bessen Boerderij 2021-12-26 20-13-56.png


    Queue entrance here was great. Good example of how nice a lot of your queues were themed. 


    Attached Image: Knot's Bessen Boerderij 2021-12-30 09-25-00.png


    As was the rapids. Very atmospheric and great interaction between all the rides here.

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    just snooping around the park and i gotta say i truly love the vibe this has, only weird thing about this macro wise is how the tucano area is a pretty big dead end without any transport ride in or out of it, pretty big macro "flaw" but i can see that work irl if need be. some small things to note, like the woodie switch track not having the slider to actually make it work is kinda sad to see after seeing how much detail is already put into it

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    Really enjoyed looking through this. I like the odd layout and the story to go with it, and the whole park has a nice atmosphere. A lot of highlights with the architecture, Mystic Manor being one of my personal favorites. 

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    This is the sort of classical park making I aspire to. Pretty modern object usage, mixed in with classic RCT rides and keeping that quintessential look of RCT without too much fuss and weird non fitting textures. 


    When we were still doing De Concurrenten, I remember being disappointed that oyu abandoned the 2007-look and went for something more modern, but now I can only commend you for doing that as it has worked out in the parks favour. I agree with BG that there are a few oddities macro wise, but to me that only heightens the realism as now it feels like a real park that has to work with the land its got.


    I hope we can see more of your work soon!

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    This is pretty charming. I appreciate the classic parkmaking and lovely atmosphere. Feels like a mix between Riverland and Paul's parks. The turnaround on the wooden coaster is fantastic looking.


    All in all - really solid work. Enjoyed this a lot.

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    This was a fun park to explore, sort of been under my radar until quite recently so it's great to see it released. The object selection somewhat ages it but it's a charming park regardless and shows a lot of good parkmaking skills. On top of that it feels like a clean evolution from classic dutch timeline parks towards something more modern, especially towards the back.

    The timeline aspect certainly shows in how "sectioned" the park is, the big farm area dividing off the back section of the park is a neat quirk despite how awkward it makes the park layout. Highlights of the map for me would be the Bolivia/Amazon area, the Norse area and the Mystic Manor ride. The coasters throughout were rather nice, some clunky parts like the flat section on the wing rider hill, but a solid lineup. All in all a great park with some dated sections that are more than made up for with charm and atmosphere.