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    This park is a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed exploring it. It's a bit messy in some places, but still very well crafted throughout. I'd love to see what you come up with next - you're very talented.


    Some highlights for me:


    - The area around the double decker carousel. Some of those buildings are just so nice. Especially the tall brick one.


    - Megastorm waterslide was awesome! Love the queue tower.


    - Motocross track was great. Love the dusty look to it.


    - The suspended monorail throughout the park is awesome.


    - Spinning Rocket is fantastic. I enjoy the bright colors.


    - The station for Falcon is excellent.

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    Congrats on finishing something, especially if this is your first park (?)


    The larger composition and how you put everything together was great. A little cramped in places, but it showed a good understanding of putting together different areas and ride ideas. 


    The ride layouts were a bit unusual, but had some fun bits. I especially thought the mine train was good and had a good balance for being so compact.


    I think the biggest thing to work on in your next project is cleaning things up more before submitting. You only had 3 mechanics, so a lot of the rides were broken when I opened the park. I also found some buildings without rooves. Depending on how you develop your style of parkmaking, I think taking the time to be more careful in crafting an experience for the viewer will help a ton with future releases.

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    This deserves more attention....


    It's weird, wacky and colourful. I friggin love it. It's like a modern day semi NCSO version of Zippo's. Full of creative ideas and fun interactions. The entrance was a architectural highlight for me. Also kudos for using the suspended monorail, def an underused ride type. Other great things are the ice coaster and the rapids ride.


    Problem is things are quite messy. Some places are pretty cramped and less well thought out a others.Be careful about not using too much path, look out for unifinished patches like FK said.


    Still glad I downloaded this though, it brightened my day :)

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    I was really surprised and impressed by this. Loads of cool moments and nifty things to find; the style feels instantly unique and it's something I'd love to see more of. The mixture of NCSO with bits and pieces of custom objects works really well for some reason and even the purely NCSO stuff feels quite fresh.

    There's loads I could write about so I'll try and keep it brief. The rapids fits pretty nicely, though I wish the drop weren't so janky and fast. Loved the mine train, stands out nicely from the map with the colour scheme and the bits of architecture poking out from the land are great.

    I also really loved the Frozen Castle coaster, with an excellently landscaped ice mountain setting and the peach and brown theming. There are some cool pockets of building dotted throughout as well with some great use of expansion scenery in subtle ways. The foliage and landscaping is great too, feels more practiced than most people's early attempts. Oh and I loved the waterpark entrance to the side with the castle motif.

    As others have said, the biggest issue with this was the way it felt quite jumbled and messy overall, but I think when you look past that a real gem of a park shines through and I'm sure if you keep playing you'll improve in this.