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    Eeeeeee finally!

  • Left_Handed_Coffee_Mug%s's Photo

    I loved building this! 

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    Amazing ncso work here. Great hacking and amazing architecture and foliage. One of the if not my favorite DKMP entry ever.

  • AJ-%s's Photo

    Love the colors so much, the orange is perfect and the green bridge looks sick! All the cool ride tricks are insane, the dueling on the ride is paced so well! The roto drop with multiple drops is cool and the horse pulled carriages are the cutest thing ever. 

  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Great hacks here.. loved the drop tower.. that was cool to have the separate drops. The Oregon Trail ride was really neat as well. The dueling coaster flows so well.. reminds a lot of Otsdarva's VooDuel.. really great pacing and multiple launch dueling. Really well done. Great work guys. 

  • FK+Coastermind%s's Photo

    The timing of the main coaster was impeccable, really impressive to have a dueling coaster that is dueling itself. Overall, the ride hacks and the amount of energy packed in was great, made this a lot of run. And as with a lot of modern NCSO, a ton of really fresh ideas for using the base scenery and rides, like the watch tower supports or maze queues. The architecture was nice, though I found the sheer amount of textures you used to be pretty busy, both in the buildings and pathways. Part of that is limitations from NCSO, but I think editing a few things to declutter and smooth out textures would have helped. Overall a great bit of rct, excited to see more from both of you. 

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    the timing on this ride is amazing. and the green steel bridge across the launches is a really lovely piece of design. great work!

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    I was there and gave you my thoughts when this was streamed last week or so. Stylistically it's all over the place, every building is different and it doesn't come together. There's one portion of great looking grey rocks, but again this idea isn't expanded upon. The individual ideas are often good, there's plenty to like when examining the map with a magnifier - and without it, the quality of the coaster is clear. Lovely dueling there. The Oregon Trail ride is also a great idea, and I think it has potential to be expanded - right now it's simply too short.

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