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Which park is better?

  1. Art of War - Elementalists 13 votes [28.26%]
    Percentage of vote: 28.26%
  2. World Showcase - Hurricanes 33 votes [71.74%]
    Percentage of vote: 71.74%


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    Round Robin
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    Round 1 | Match 1

    "Art of War"
    "World Showcase"

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    "Art of War"
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    "World Showcase"
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    I'm missing RIDE9MKY
  • RCFanB&M%s's Photo
    Damn, forget about it
    accidentally pasted it in the wrong place *punches head*
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    ^it was in the Zip...

    Wow, both parks are very great, the decision is not easy to make.

    Art of War is a very pleasent park and funny to look at. All those awesome hacks give it so much depth. Also the time ride in kind of war types is very well done. Especially the D-Day ride was so cool :)
    But I don't like the idea connecting war and parks (as said in the massage:lol:).

    <creator>'s park (and maybe more builders?) has a not so creative idea, but is still as well done as Art of War. I really enjoyed all the small country areas, but missed the German one :p And of course the beginning showis a real "masterpiece", first i thought it was a "normal" crash until I found out it was intention :D Really awesome this thing. Then I immendiately fell in love with the "pityness" of the park like the accerlerator. Sooo sweet :)

    So my vote goes to the Hurricanes, wait, is it Kumba's team? No, then I choose the Elementalists' one.... J/K
  • Levis%s's Photo
    dude, no names

    will check out the canes park tomorrow after work.
  • Milo%s's Photo
    overviews link to main forum page instead of... the downloads I guess
  • posix%s's Photo
    glad to see the vote codes appear to be working for you guys :)

    i voted hurricanes, simply because the park was more appealing to me. i think it had a few very impressive and beautiful crafts in it that i enjoyed looking at. certainly the elementalists' park was interesting and different, in a good way, but it didn't hold my attention for very long, simply because the kind of style that was applied in it doesn't appeal to me very much. i can see the technical skill and all, but it just doesn't "capture" me.

    so sorry elementalists ;)
  • Louis!%s's Photo
    I need to look at the vote codes again :p Seems I wrote them down wrong :p

    From the overviews I thought Hurricanes would be the park I'd vote for, but no, Elementalists take it for me.

    Upon viewing the parks, World Showcase seemed more 'full' and finished. It was clearly built with a lot of planning and skill, and for it to be built in such a short period of time really shows what they can do. The fireworks were well made too and almost secured the vote.

    However, Art of War's concept and process was amazing. The hacks were brilliant, the structures and theming where great. The whole interaction was great and with the planes dropping bombs, and the trebuchet throwing stones, it just was immense.
    Really great park and grabbed my vote (although I am yet to vote as I need to write down the codes correctly this time :p )
  • posix%s's Photo
    one thing i did wrong when entering the codes at first was that i had world showcase's code in the box for art of war, and vice versa.
  • Dr_Dude%s's Photo
    Both great parks, but Art of War was the clear winner for me. I'm disappointed to see that it's losing.

    But if the quality of the rest of the season is equal to that of this match, I'll be a happy man.

    Edited by Dr_Dude, 17 April 2009 - 05:06 PM.

  • Gwazi%s's Photo
    Elementalist's park took forever to load.

    it was an awesome park though. there were plenty of fucking awesome hacks, like the plane dropping the bomb and the cannonballs. definately some creativity here. the technical aspects of the park were amazing and the park was well done, particularly for its theme. however, i don't feel that a war theme should be combined with an RCT2 park, let alone one with guests. i think had you guys done a more general war theme rather than D-Day and WW2 it would have been much better. however, as it is even if i weren't on the Hurricanes i don't think i'd be able to vote for something like this. i'm sorry guys

    Edited by Gwazi, 18 April 2009 - 08:40 AM.

  • JDP%s's Photo
    ^Eh, I completely disagree with everything you said. But I do think it is funny how its the United Nations versus War. It should be a good match though (go Hurricanes!!!).

    If I were able to vote I would have to go with the Hurricanes park just because me and fantasy don't see eye to eye... And the illuminations display in the beginning was just fantastic.
  • RRP%s's Photo
    I agree with Dr_Dude, while I’m usually more drawn to realistic parks, Elementalists was much more interesting for me. Both had their good and bad points but Hurricanes had many more areas that felt like they were simply 'thrown' together with areas simply packed with trees and foliage. It felt too crowded to me and while there were many great ideas, a lot of them could have been left out and created a better overall experience.

    Hurricanes highlights:
    Ingenious use of rapids on the log flume
    Theming around the invert
    Hurricanes cons:
    Poor foliage and architecture in many areas
    Several pointless rides (vagina reel and LIM coaster)

    Elementalists highlights:
    D Day area (especially the planes dropping cars/bombs) really loved the airport and watchtower as well
    The Whole space area
    Bombs firing between boats
    Elementalists cons:
    Scale (While everything was well crafted it all felt to large particularly due to the fact that the park was peep friendly)

    I hope that helps justify my vote,congrats to both teams especially with the peeps!
    I’m looking forward to the next round

    btw hurricanes comady is spelt with an e :)
  • nin%s's Photo
    pointless rides?
  • JiMeMo%s's Photo

    Several pointless rides (vagina reel and LIM coaster)

    Vagina reel? Freudian slip much?
    Haha, that is awesome.
  • robbie92%s's Photo
    *Lightbulb goes off...*

  • RRP%s's Photo

    pointless rides?

    ye I think the park would have been better without a ride in each area.Id have personally ditched the india,mexico and australia areas and gone with a larger norway,morocco and UK/USA areas as they were much stronger

    Vagina reel? Freudian slip much?
    Haha, that is awesome.

    An intentional faux pas :p
  • Brent%s's Photo
    Hurricanes get my vote.
  • Nokia%s's Photo
    these codes aren't working for me...
  • RCFanB&M%s's Photo
    People i think we should be more objective about this, and not base our votes on what we like. My vote goes for World Showcase this time, just because it has a better layout and also since i don't think Elementalist's park has a VERY clear concept. Besides, overall, WS is a better park, in quality terms. AoW's hacks were simply amazing and creative though. Like i said, we should try to be more objective while voting, i mean... i prefer realism. However, i could have voted for AoW, it's just that this match belongs to the hurricanes. Great job by both teams though!
    Can't wait for next match :)

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