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Park_5307 District 19: Manufacturing Co.


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    Yooooo already shared my comments with you but this is pretty sick stuff! Killer archy Killer helicopter! 

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    excellent work- the billboard is a sweet bit I hadn't noticed in your screens. I love how you've handled the paths here, especially the darker tarmac winding through the buildings.

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    This is a really nice little creation, but I honestly have no idea how to score it. It feels a little too lacking in content for a typical design entry, but the content that's there is really good. I think I'll sleep on it and see where I land tomorrow.

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    Oh dude this is great! Absolutely excellent color choices - everything is balanced and pops out at just the right spots. I dig the brick and the green windows. I think i'm most impressed by the elevation changes you've incorporated here. Especially the elevated section of the queue above the switchbacks - just so believable and done so well. The total amount of content here is impressive for such a small map. The hovering helicopter is brilliant. The billboard is very clever.


    Always glad to see more work by you!

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    This was beautiful and clean, and still didn't lack soul. A very enjoyable small piece of RCT and more indication after H2H9 that you're really a special kind of builder to watch out for.


    I understand this wasn't "built for NE", and thus it might be a bit unfair to judge it against our "Design" category, even though technically its befitting. I would be happy for you to see this win, even though I must honestly say I think it's too small to be deserving.


    In any case, I'm much looking forward to new works from you, and I would of course love to see you shoot directly for a solo piece NE accolade.

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    Great stuff Jens. Was pleasantly surprising to see you tackle cso so well. Look forward to more from you. Neat layout/design. Would give 65% for it.

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    I thought this was quite charming and I actually really enjoyed the entrance area way more than I expected. It's a nice breath of open fresh air among the more industrial buildings.


    As far as a Design competitor; I think this might just miss the mark. I don't know if the Sky Rocket layout is quite enough to hold up against other layouts we typically see in Design submissions. The architecture and foliage work is definitely a highlight, and with a more substantial centerpiece ride I think this could have easily bumped up to that Design threshold for me.

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  • Description

    An abandoned factory destined to be completely scrapped with no hope of salvation. But then, the unexpected happened...

    Taking over this factory and turning it into a tourist attraction is no small feat, but JJ Inc. pulled it off masterfully with some help of Premier Rides. Take a ride on ''Hangover'' or practice your flying skills in ''Pilot Academy'', there's something to see and do here for every age group. Without further ado, welcome to District 19: Manufacturing Co.!

    ***Winner of the RCTClub Premier Rides Launch Coaster Contest***

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