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    Fun interpretation of the theme, and a solid layout that interacts well with said theme. There's a lot of cool little stuff too, I like the atmosphere quite a bit, and I'm glad you didn't go for the default "make everything darker" technique with the palette.

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    Wow, really enjoyed this. The main coaster, I assume Assault on Arasaka, was nice.. really well supported and polished. The supporting rides were great as well. Archy felt a bit simple at times, but it didn't need to be super detailed. Look forward to seeing what you make next.

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    Don't quite know what this is referencing but it's a nice map regardless. The colour choices stand out well I think, good contrasts and blocking. The coaster is fairly standard dive coaster elements but there's some nice interaction with the rest of the map.

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    A lot of real NCSO skill on display here. The building shapes are complex enough to be interesting. The layout and interaction are solid.


    The theme is well established in the vicinity of the coaster but really drops off in the outskirts. The shipping containers and (nice) foliage seem to fill space more than fit the theme. I'm not familiar with Cyberpunk 2077 so I could be missing the references.

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    this is a pretty solid piece of ncso scifi. the layout is a quality diver layout and I like the trick of putting glass over the skyscraper walls. palette is good and vibe is good!

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    Welcome to the Silverhand Block, the more infamous section of Night City. It is home of some of the biggest MegaCorps to exist.

    This is my first pure NCSO build, but with a custom palette put in. I have been very busy this last year but I put this together over the last couple months when I find time to build. Though it would be fun to experiment with a different theme that I don't see super often in RCT2.

    Built on the new save format for OpenRCT2.

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