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    Damn dude, really enjoyed the American Dream Machine. Wish you submitted it as a design.. really great layout and overall I think what you did there was solid. The layout had some nice elements that were pretty unique and very much your style. The archy was quite simple and relied heavily on large ncso objects, but was a good urban/city vibe. The larger vaporwave map wasn't my cup of tea, but to each their own. I have a tiny idea of what you have coming down the pipeline and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.

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    I always enjoy your layouts, Luketh. My favorite coasters in the game are the ones that make wish I could ride them.

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    these are fun. I really appreciate what you're doing stylistically here, and its great to see the game pushed to more abstract or artistic areas. It's something I've been thinking about a lot myself these days. one day I'd love to see you devote some serious quality time to an individual park---i think with some pushing and finesse you could turn it from a sketch into something really fleshed out and magical.


    american dream machine is an excellent layout in a lovely little package. 

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    These two juicy vape carts were ripped mostly in March thru May of 2020, but I'd always intended to go back and polish up the larger map, which was originally built for a RC&F contest and was designed to that contest's specs.

    Never did properly do the polishing up, but now that I'm looking at it again, it's finished enough.

    Both maps feature concept coaster types, which I hope you find intriguing.

    Special thanks to Xtreme97 for the blueprint palette seen in American Dream Machine.

    Lately I've mostly been messing around with the ride designer when I play this game, but y'all will see something more current from me eventually.


    L u k e t h

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