Park / McBrides Funfair Glasgow (circa 2019)


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    This is so cool! I love the dense look of it, especially around this area with all the different vertical layers:

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    Great work :)

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    This is a great park! You definitely nailed the fair atmosphere, the architecture was really nice to look at and very effective, especially considering the limited object selection. The layouts were quite nice as well given the space constraints, and the ride hacks were well done and nicely themed. If I had one nitpick I would say that you don't necessarily need the sheer amount of content that you were able to fit in here. It's okay to space things out a bit and not fill every tile to give certain scenes some breathing room. Still excellent work!


    This was probably my favorite scene: Attached Image: Screen Shot 2023-02-19 at 3.01.51 PM.png



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    Very impressive! There's a lot of skill demonstrated here, but also some things that you'll need to refine for next time. Everything is a little too dense. That works to some extent for your theme of an industrial/boardwalk park, but I think it swings too much in the wrong direction here in some instances. A good example of where its done well is the area around the games and dance hall. Not only do you have interesting flat rides, but also room for them to breathe and really shine to the audience.


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    Otherwise, it's a really solid park that I enjoyed a lot, especially the unique coaster types. Nice job



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    this is great, getting really strong british seaside park vibes out of this...maybe with a bit of la ronde thrown in for good measure. it doesn't totally break out of the mold of a lot of the ncso work happening around now, but i do appreciate the slightly darker or gloomier highway-side atmosphere going on here

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    It's strange that this park has not received more comments, especially considering it didn't miss the Gold mark by very much. Not that I have any excuse for waiting a month either. There is tremendous promise shown here that goes beyond just using DKSO pieces creatively. This is a feasible park, and you've done well with placing it in a realistic setting complete with fathomably gritty details.


    You've nailed the pier atmosphere, and you've even included a few bonus details that would not be possible in strict NCSO, such as the sandstone building piece as lights and the Shogi roofs as basketball nets. Other gems, like the soccer field, the freight trucks, and the balloon game, are pure NCSO goodness. And of course, I never grow tired of seeing that duck shooting game. The DKSO innovation is the predominant flavor here, but NE NCSO influence also pops up in wonderful places.


    Some of the buildings could certainly be improved--the dance hall roof is full of holes and would have benefited from a topper track (perhaps looping with chain)--but others, like Sawyer's Pub and the Meca Bingo station, demonstrate noteworthy skill with colorable WW/TT walls. Some of the time, there is just too much going on in the architecture (like the guest services building with the marble wall trims), but some aesthetics just don't translate into NC/DKSO no matter which objects you use, so I appreciate the effort put into making the buildings appear more realistic rather than just falling back on "safe" techniques. My only real overarching complaint about the architecture is that there are often too many flat roof textures thrown in at once--the Shogi roof in particular is unnecessarily dark from two angles and doesn't blend particularly well with the other choices. The colorable NY roof piece actually works well when you commit to it being the dominant texture (much better than using the regular NY roof piece that half of us cannot see).


    There is much to love in this park, and I scored it as a mid-level Gold because the atmosphere comes together harmoniously and demonstrates a clear sense of location, which is difficult to do with default objects if you're going for realism. Had the building choices been cleaned up and toned down so as not to use so many different wall and flat roof types at once, I believe this would have crossed the Gold threshold, which is very rare for a debut DKSO (or even NCSO) park. You should be very proud of this release, and you should continue building parks in this style, as I believe you have a great deal to offer the budding DKSO movement.

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  • Description

    For 30 Years the McBride family and their funfair have thrilled the residents of Glasgow Scotland, rising from post industrial decline the fair sits as a beacon of fun and pleasure on the banks of the river Clyde.

    This was the final stage of my entry into the DKMP 2022 Timeline contest, my goal was to create a fun urban park filled with somewhat believable attractions that a park of this scale could afford.

    You can download the other 10 stages of this park along with the story for each stage over on the DKMP discord server in the TimeLine archive

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