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    A fun and lively park, I like the selection of rides here. The custom adventure ride, the water park, and I like the layouts on Davy Jones' locker and Sea Serpent. I also really like the surroundings, a lot of nicely done businesses with some funny names (That law office scene, lol) and also the fact that there's stuff for peeps to interact with and make the whole outside area have more action.

    Some things I would suggest: Make sure to turn disable breakdowns on and disable withering plants, I had plants turning red and rides broken when viewing until I tuned the cheats on, also disable littering. And I'd also say, putting sand under the park's paths would be nice I think.

    Overall, quite a nice and enjoyable first release on NE.

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    This is super fun! I love the surrounding areas. The bridge between the motel and cabins is a stand out for that area. The details on the road are great. I love that there are peeps in all the cars too! The power lines are stellar! and i love the extra parking for the water park and the handicap spots as well. 


    The waterpark is fun! I love all the different types of rides shown (around the whole park too) The splash buckler is a standout! As well as the jet ski race. 


    The park entrance is cute. The giant boat is great. The minigolf as rains under the main entrance is super cool! I love the huge selection of rides all over the park. The Curse (zamerla Nebula) is another standout flat ride! The coasters are fun, Davie Jone's Locker is my favorite, i love the 2 part family coaster with the indoor section! 


    Super fun park Jay!!!

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    Decent park with good commitment which was nice to see.

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    Wow, this is very cool. Love the theming here along with some of the more creative ideas here. The rock climbing wall and the drop track on Davie Jone's Locker were both great additions. Sea Serpent was a great wooden coaster as well. 


    The water park was probably the highlight though. Great slides, the coaster over the water park was great too. Great layering to the area that made it feel dense, yet believable. 


    Outskirts were cool too, along with the backstage stuff. Almost wish you dialed back the backstage areas a bit to allow the park to have more breathing room. It all felt a bit cramped. 


    Besides that, overall this is very enjoyable!

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    Very nice NCSO release. Your style shows that you are clearly comfortable with the game and know how to evoke an idea beyond simple execution. That said, I think it could be a bit more refined. Some objects may not have been the best to use in their instances (gum drops as rocks imo), but that comes with the territory of NCSO and doesn't bother me that much. The biggest detractor is the general planning and scale. Everything seems a bit too cramped inside the park, which could be alleviated with a bit more breathing room between attractions.

    Aside from that though, I enjoyed this park thoroughly! Including so many details in an NCSO park is an accomplishment. The highlights for me were the go karts, the park entrance area (I love the arcade), the log cabin resort area, and the general town surroundings outside of the park. So much charm in all these parts which add up to much more than the whole. Congrats on this release, it's fresh and fun!

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    What a fun little park! You clearly have a solid mastery of the game, as demonstrated by some really impressive flatrides and creative use of NCSO pieces. I think the two biggest things holding you back were the density of attractions and your coaster layouts. Regarding the former, to an extent it works because you are going for a cheap family-fun center, but you can only get so far with that theme before it becomes more detrimental than immersive. Zooming out to see the whole picture and planning ahead has always helped me when my work becomes too dense, so maybe try that more. As for the layouts of the coasters, nothing was really that impressive. The setting and integration with surround areas was well done on most of the coasters, but the layout and pacing left something to be desired.


    Still, really solid work! I especially enjoyed the humor outside the park, like the attorney's office. Oh, and that go-kart ride was awesome, easily one of the best I've ever seen in NCSO. Excellent job, hope to see more from you!




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    I really like this. It's fun and shows off some cool tricks while still being visually very appealing to me. I agree in general that the planning and scale could use some work and some of the ride design was a little iffy (looking at you, Albatross) - but overall very nice work and a lovely first impression.

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    Some parts are a little cramped, and it can be quite texture heavy in certain locations.


    But my god, this is fun! Some really fun an clever NCSO in this park. The gas pumps for example, or the burger sign.


    The archy is really efffective. I like the entrance builiding, and something like the motel is well done without relying too much on unnecessary details. 


    Hoping to see more from you, this is great!