Park / Gale of Amun-Ra


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    Impressed with the layout, nice pacing and great interaction, with about the best possible beyond vertical and zero-g stall given the game's limitations. Also some very good support work (On both the coaster and supporting log flume), good pathing and a well done theme.

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    Fantastic coaster! I would definitely want to visit this place

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    Huge congrats on this design, its incredible and super well done and slay i hope aunt nelly is proud!!!


    The opening bridge over the river is great, i love all the crocs under the turn of the log flume! The texas giant sign is a blessing. The beyond vertical drop under the path and the overbank above the path right after is so fuckin sick holy cow! what a great element. The eating at the bottom of the launch is where Id take my graduation photos. The path details are great, love the two flats, drop towers are my fav irl! The Kushari pryamid with the cruved letters is stunning. The addition of the small backstage area is cool, but what really sells is the single van! ugh freakin love that. 


    Now this coaster is super special! Its got an epic entrance and great queue with a view of the swing launch! The first little launch is great, i love that whacky roll over element over the sphinx and around that gorge little fountain! Ugh again the launch into the beyond vertical spike is sick! But that zero g stall is the craziest thing in this whole park!! 


    Super sick 

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    So good to see this. Tastefully created, very organic, good theming, good ride exposure, good interaction, it ticks a lot of boxes. A definite Design win for me.

    I'm especially happy that you weren't shy to leave open tiles here and there where they make sense, and didn't feel an urge to fill them unnecessarily. It makes it feel like you're quite on top of your own game, and I think you are.

    I also enjoyed the support work on the flume a lot. It's great to see people try something original, and I think it's worked out well for you.

    Not much to criticise in this, except maybe the smaller rides could have received similar amounts of love. The drop tower was great and had good attention given to it. The magic carpet ride was a bit awkward and too unintentional perhaps. Maybe you could look at alex' work how he designs these rides.

    Really excited to see a follow up project from you after this. Congrats on the release.

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    Nice job on this MorganFan, loved the extra work you put into this to make it really special.  Theming was great too.  Big fan and hope to see more.

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    This is a nice design, the coaster has an interesting layout and some unique elements. The architecture is well done and the theme gets across quite well. The overall aesthetics are quite nice, although i do think the colors are a bit too washed out and parts of it looked a bit messy. I do agree with posix' comments about open spaces, i think in some places you really have been using them quite well, although i do think there are also parts were this could have benefitted from less density, especially looking at the foliage which was a bit hard to read for me partially. I do think that generally speaking these are not very huge negative points, i really enjoyed this!


    Overall congrats on a good release. Looking forward to see your future work.

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    This is very nice. Love the layout and the log flume compliments the coaster very nicely. Only downside was that some parts were a bit glitchy but that is really a minor complaint. Very nice overall, possibly some of your best work yet!

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    This is so great! Aesthetically similar to Blue Pearl but this definitely goes the extra mile.

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    Just viewed this and it was extremely solid park making all around.


    Archy, ride making, theme immersion were all on point. Can't wait to see more work from you.


    My only two critiques were the limitations of those elements on the coaster. They just disrupted a flowing layout and highlighted we're not there yet in the game!


    A solid 80% from me. With your skill I can only see you getting higher and higher with every release.

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    Pretty great stuff in general. Everyone has kinda shared any thoughts I already had, so I'd just sound like I'm on repeat.


    Nice layout overall and great thematic elements; though I do tend to agree that some of the inversions were a little clunky - not a huge deal though.


    Great work.

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    Congrats on the design, I'd say it's deserved.
    To explain why I was the lowest vote (nitpicking maybe?):

    - I was a bit conflicted on what it was supposed to be. Is it a part of a theme park? Then what are the actual animals (crocodiles!) doing around? 

    - I liked the tan colours here and there, but it is overused so architecture and pathing flow into each other, I think you could have been more bold with accent colours to make things stand out more. For example I really liked the diagonal pyramid building but it almost fades away in the tan background, thinking about it more, this could have done with a different coloured path. 

    - I thought the coaster station was a bit underwhelming.

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    Catching up on things, per usual.


    Congrats on a great release and getting design. Personally, I would have scored this around 75ish, so the end score is a little low for me. I thought the overall layout, composition of rides, set pieces, and interactions was all top notch. There is definitely a sense of confidence that you know what you're doing in rct and how to execute a vision, which is ace. The coaster itself is really impressive and felt very true to form for something we'd see nowadays. I particularly loved the little bit where the flume goes under the tophat with the little water fountains, very cool interaction there. I also must say I enjoy the dedication to a theme. Sure, there might be less realistic parts of this, but clearly setting it in an Egyptian landscape and allowing that to stand front and center even over the potential logistics is very my tea.


    It should come as no surprise that I'm a bit of a neat freak, and thus there were a few glitchy things that I wasn't a huge fan of. For example, I really dislike when coasters seem to float above the track instead of ride along it. I know that is just the name of the game with some of the hacks and modern coaster choices you made, so I can't fault your choices, but a personal pet peeve for me. While there were things I may have done differently or pushed you to reconsider, nothing upset my overall enjoyment of this design.


    Congrats again on the design and the win over at RCTclub.

    The coaster itself is really impressive and felt very true to form for something we'd see nowadays.