Park / Kauai Coaster


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    So I have trouble opening this in LL, but OpenRCT can open it. Does anyone know how to fix this save?

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    I'm able to open it successfully in LL.

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    That is strange, but good to hear. Maybe it's the game version? My current install is the US version.

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    Maybe. There were a lot of glitchy trees when I opened it, like zc not being turned off.

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    Ok, even odder.. When open LL and go to open the park it tells me invalid data. But when I open it by double-clicking, it opens fine. So strange

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    Maybe save it when you manage to open it, and see if that fixes whatever is wrong?

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    Why isn't this downloadable?

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    Opens fine for me in ORCT2. Download still to be added.

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    You can still download it by clicking the blue download count number at the top of the page.

    I believe the file isn't linked fully on the page hence the download button not displaying.

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