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    "Now that Loopy Landscapes was letting us all go mental expressing our theming abilities, it was no surprise when the Santa's Christmas Challenge was announced for the winter 2000 holiday season. I packed as many Christmas thrills into this mini park that space and time would allow. The North Pole took 1st place! The Christmas Challenge was a great contest, perfect for its time and attracted some amazing competition. The North Pole is a great experience for the entire family. Blizzard of Claus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rudolph's Rocket Sled, Abominable Snowmonster, Jingle and Jangles Tree Tours and the formidable Grinch! Watch out for slippery ice vomit?the staff and crew are always hard at work chiseling away at this winter theme park menace. Come on guys, at least try to make it to the bathrooms. "

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