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    I thought this was a total delight and am shocked to see you building in cso just as fast as you build in LL.


    Combining all those different biomes and landscapes was such a fun idea. That bayou was a standout area for me, and I really want to know more about that mysterious icy island. I found myself wishing there were named peeps or cars on it to give a bit more context, because what's there is so intriguing.


    I hope you'll delve into more cso work because it's awesome to see you use it to translate your ideas with a greater detail and range of textures.

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    I love how even though this park is CSO, you can still immediately tell whom it was made by. The map honestly feels like it could be a map for a vintage RPG Nintendo game. There is some seriously talented storytelling in here too, such as the island way out on the ocean with the hidden lair of what I presume is the bad guy. I personally find this park really inspiring in the sense that I can tell you had a genuine love for building it (I hope) and an unwavering commitment to your style. I think this transition to CSO has gone quite well for you, and you should be proud of the park.

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    Nice map Lurker, a successful first step into cso I think.  Not often we get an island like this with full infrastructure, it definitely gives it a unique sort of vibe.  Overall, I think just getting more time with cso will help you work out a lot of the small problems.  Anyways, lots to like here, I think it would be a fun place to visit if it existed IRL, great little summertime vacation spot.


    Gott ask though, I couldn't really pick up on any of the cartoon themes.  Which ones were you referring too specifically?

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    Really charming little submission, I agree with G that some of the CSO awkward-ness will round out once you've got some more experience with it.

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    Gott ask though, I couldn't really pick up on any of the cartoon themes.  Which ones were you referring too specifically?

    I didn't really base anything in the park off any one specific show, it was mostly just an attempt to get the general cartoonish look from vague memories of the ones I've watched. Also should've added more stuff to the ice island, my idea was it's a supervillain-style base that's producing all the ice trying to freeze things over.

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    I might have to go through it again. I like the plane and the atmosphere but I was hoping for something a little more cartoony in look and maybe see some references to specific cartoons or silly names and I was a bit disappointed. Still, the whole island with an infrastructure is pretty rare, like others have said, so I respect it for that. It's not bad by any means, but it might be more interesting for fans of old school realism than someone looking for a tribute to cartoons.

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    Welcome to cso. I think it has a lot of hallmark signs of early cso usage.. namely inconsistent heights/scaling. Overall charming, but I think in comparison to your other island park that you recently completed, I think Viridian Island has a lot more charm, character, detail, and a better ride lineup. 

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    Lovely to see your style doesnt lose its characteristic charm when translated into CSO! The world building in this is great, i agree with rob it feels like a map for a RPG game. I really hope this was a succesful experiment for you. In my personal opinion it definitely was. Would love to see more work like this from you in the future!

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    this is really charming. a bit low-fidelity perhaps but warm and full of life. I loved the little theme park, especially the classic woodie, but the swamp felt like the best area to me all up---moody but exciting.