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    Fun park! Feels kinda like a throwback to previous eras of rct on NE when you'd see smaller realism parks like this a lot that were packed with coasters. Lot of nice things here, some not so nice. Definitely enjoy the coasters, feel like you put a lot of effort into them and it shows. The foliage not so much... Kinda brings the park down a bit unfortunately.

    Hopefully you can stay motivated and keep working on more stuff like this! I'd like to see more from you.
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    Some nice coasters and support work, and the park layout and ride types seem to fit this type of park well. I also like all the splashes of bright colors, I think it gives the park a nice bit of character.

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    This is a fun, fresh-air style build. Great colors and nice rides. One detail jumped out at me and that was the discordant art style on the covered picnic tables. Some pixel artists use a black outline, RCT pixel art does not. The creator of those picnic tables chose to outline them against convention and they stand out too much, imo.


    Aside form that tiny detail, this park is refreshing and fun.

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    Octane and the log flume were highlights. Definitely agree with G Force that this feels like a throwback... almost like 2012-2015 era parkmaking. 

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    Swamp Monster is Mala-esque in its "F-it" approach to coaster building and I love it. For me it's definitely the highlight of the park.


    Generally this isn't really the kind of map that I would personally set out to build, it's far too sensible for me! I appreciate the style and execution in a lot of places though and most of all I appreciate finishing it after 3 years. I bet this is the kind of park Chris Sawyer would love to see made in the game.

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    This is a cute little park! Loved the log flume and its surrounding area. I felt that some of the objects you used throughout the park like the picnic tables near the entrance and the lockers in the backstage area near the log flume seemed a bit textureless. Interesting to see those object being used for sure, but not something I would personally do with the abundance of (great) objects, both NCSO and CSO, currently available in OpenRCT2. I want to end off by saying that I also really liked the idea of giving each ride a specific color palette that is used for the fencing, queue, covers, coaster/ride colors, etc. Definitely adds to the parkmaking imo, great work!

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    Fun and straightforward RCT2 realism. Always a pleasure to open a park like this!
    You have a knack for supporting steel coasters. The support job on Derecho is particularly nice, and I also enjoy what you've done with Octane and Rocket Rails. The curve supports on Centrifuge are a bit on the chaotic side, but spinning coasters in general are difficult to support using the B&M set alone as it is. You've made it work in its own way. Of the wood-supported coasters, my favorite is Yellow Jacket in terms of both layout and lumber supports. Lovely job on both accounts.
    The bright colors make the most of the default palette, further reminding us that it is indeed as versatile as any other, and the color schemes like the warm gradient around Octane and the lemon-lime combo on the aptly-named teacup's aviary-style enclosure pop beautifully. The incorporation of bright yellow, pink, and lime green are particularly refreshing, as many realism works unfortunately leave this part of the rainbow out of the spotlight these days. The sole color choice on the map on which I'm not sold is the dark water supports on that one section of Swamp Monster, but I'll warm up to it eventually. 
    The use of foliage is what could potentially see the most significant improvement, as the goal of the current approach seems to have been to fill nearly every square of terrain with either trees or grass, creating a random look for the former and a repetitive texture for the latter. Long Grass by K-Dogg is a timeless object that we all love, but you might find you can do even more with your grass if you add some additional grass objects to your toolbox, such as mkx nep 41 cc grass base, mkx plants 08 cc grass, Low Grass by Tolsimir (+ its sequel and its diagonal version), and SV - Medium Length Grass, all of which can enhance grass customization capabilities. A few flat grass (terrain) and dirt patches scattered around will give the foliage clumps more of a distinct shape.
    You've captured the feeling of a small, pleasant park quite well here. Definitely feels like one of those "hidden gem" American parks that you discover accidentally through rcdb and then make a point to visit the next time you visit whichever state it's in.
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  • Description

    Willowpond Park has been a labor of love of mine that I've fallen in and out of working on over the last three years. I certainly didn't use all that time to build it, as this really took only around ~65 hours to complete. I have to thank YourCoasterNews on Reddit for giving me the inspiration to finally finish this project, having commented on a progress photo asking how the project was going almost 2.5 years after it's been posted. Really owe it to them.

    This park followed up on the feedback I'd received for my Historic Adventures Resort project - trying to incorporate a much more realistic park layout, ride spacing, pathways, foliage, backstage areas, etc., so I went for a smaller-scale park to try it out. One thing to comment on is that I did not attempt to figure out curving pathways. That may be something for the future, but it already took three years to motivate me to finish this, and including diagonals was already a step up from where I was.

    Willowpond Park was inspired from the few small parks that made a name for themselves building multiple CCI wooden coasters during the 90's/00's (Silverwood, Holiday World, Indiana Beach, etc.), following the trend of a mid-sized coaster then complimented by a larger one. I'd also wanted to try my hand at a G.I.B., as I've seen one done in the manner I did here before (though I haven't been able to find that park, kudos to whoever did it!), and the Skyrocket II & Spinner 380/4 came naturally as other off-the-shelf models that could fit in a park like this. I'm particularly happy with the RMC, which turned out with fantastic pacing and a layout I really enjoy.

    Willowpond is a storyline park opening in 1997 with eleven attractions, all of which remain in the park excluding an Antique Car ride that was removed in 2008 to make way for Derecho. Eight expansions have been added starting in 2001 with the latest in 2022. This upload starts you in 2023.

    Thank you to everyone who has provided the massive amount of custom content that has contributed to OpenRCT2 and this park, as well as the many parks that have served as inspiration. Hope you all enjoy!

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