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    I'm stunned looking at this. I couldn't make something this good in two years, let alone two months. It doesn't have much in the way of rides but it's an amazing futuristic cityscape like you'd find in a high end videogame. I like the ships, the futuristic aircraft and the floating structures. Nice little pops of color to keep it from being a drab landscape.

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    Babar, this is absolutely ridiculous.


    Like, mind-blowingly good.


    I have spent (as anyone here probably has) an inordinate amount of my life playing RCT. I have got a lot better at the game of late, and usually when I view a park, I might see some stuff and think, oh cool, I didn't think of that before, I'll use that trick for sure! And my brain will start whirring thinking how I might do stuff as good as what I'm looking at.


    But then I look at this and I just know I could never dream something like this up (I mean that's totally fine, I love building what I build!) but this is something else. It's like you built a machine that can transcribe your imagination directly into OpenRCT, irregardless of the limitations of the game.


    The city manages to capture the chaos a cityscape without looking totally disorganised and impossible to look at or parse. The use of half diagonals is just perfect to this end.


    I love that the weather is set to stuck on rain.


    I don't know what any of your description means, that's kind of over my head if I'm honest, I just know that what I'm looking at is absolutely ridiculous.


    Bien joué!
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    I was slightly worried from the overview that it would be a little too messy, a little too crowded, a little too hard to read. These are all criticisms i've had for areas of your previous parks, despite the obvious quality and incredible ideas. 


    I was totally wrong.


    This is the best depiction of a dystopian city in RCT, with the possible exception of Bangkok Dynamo by Leon. It feels organic. There is so much drab grey color, but there are these little pops of life that make it all so believable. Really subtle use of a ton of different objects to make super interesting architectural shapes. You ran the risk of having everything kinda bleed into each other with the buildings so close together and the colors so similar, but the shapes and forms make each building readable and interesting. 


    I'd assume everyone is probably thinking what i'm thinking, and the potential captains are hoping no one says it, but I can't wait to see what you manage to cook up for H2H, building with other people. If I was captaining you'd be right up at the top of my list - you're proving that you're one of the best builders out there, and absolutely rapid to boot. 

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    Loved to read Turtles review because my feeling when looking at the overview was exactly the same at first. I feared this would be much too monochrome and hard to read. Opening it i was very surprised on a positive way. This park is a work of art that shows not only nearly unmatched skills in the game on a technical level from you, Babar, but also some incredible worldbuilding skills. I think i looked at this park for almost 2 hours now and it still only feels like i did a short dive into the huge amount of stuff that can be explored here.


    The absolute highlights for me have been almost all the vehicles, the rainbow gate area and surroundings as well as the dam and the river. These all have been so fantastic. The little details everywhere are top notch.


    You know i've always been a huge fan of you and your style. Amazing that you still manage to shock me with your skill. Please keep it up, dude!

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    Wow really impressive some absolutely phenomenal stuff in here.


    I did swap the palette to something more colorful just felt so muted.


    Really ingenious use of lots of objects. Casually making h2h maps solo is so crazy, props.

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    Man at this point you have proven to not only be a very fast builder, but a very good one too. I'm still impressed by the speed you pumped this one out - again. It's a great display of a dystopian city, a feeling enhanced by the color choices and all the added custom sound effects.


    A lot of cool archy to see here as well, as a lot, a lot of details. This is a map where you can spend hours looking at and still find some new details you didn't spot before. 


    Whichever captain who's gonna pick you in the next h2h has an extra advantage.

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    Insane world building - damn dude. Impressive as always. Super moody too. 

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    Amazing atmosphere and stunning micro-details and nice rain/water effects, this is so impressive. The gloomy and gritty look is so good and the architecture is great. And started in January? Absolutely unreal, this looks like something that took a year.

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    I'm not sure how to put this, but I really struggled to find access to this. I started by changing the palette which helped. I think the grey industrial look you went for just didn't work.

    The park itself was impressive, in all of its micro glory. The things you are able to do are incomprehensible, no matter how often you do them. But on a grand scale, I felt pretty overwhelmed, unsure where to look deeper. It's unfortunate, because a lot of the great things you do are kind of left unjustly underappreciated. I think you need to change the macro aspect of your work. Or not, since you obviously enjoy the process you've established.

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    congratulations on the 83!!! I think a piece of feedback I will continue to give you is this: I wish I had this same amount of content on a map perhaps 1.5x the size.


    this is supposed to be a dystopian oppressive feeling park, which it completely succeeds at. I also think it succeeds at being kind of incomprehensibly dense.


    I feel like you set really low thresholds of achievability for yourself, which is what allows for your amazing level of productivity, but i feel like when you are THIS GOOD at this art, you can definitely afford to develop some more skills.


    I think the skill I want to see the most from you is maybe develop your scenery manager skills so you can use it to develop the layout of your parks to aid in readability and general layout. more does not equal better, even when it is THIS good.


    turning your amazing archy into little lego blocks you can shift around and spread out would turn you from the most exciting up-and-comer into inarguably one of the best to ever do it


    i dont even care that your coasters are crap any more


    luv u babar

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    I really enjoyed going through this.  The amount of detail in this park is crazy, and I love the clever object usage to have distinct signs all throughout.  The coasters are definitely not the focus here as the atmosphere here is incredible, but I think with one centrally focused coaster and something to support it this would of only made it even better.  Hope you'll come back to this theme someday as I really love the dystopian feel here.

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    I really like this park, great job!

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  • Description

    SAMO As An / End 2 The / Neon Fantasy / Called "Life"...

    SAMO As A Neo Art Form

    SAMO As An End To Mindash Religion Nowhere Politics And Bogus Philosophy

    SAMO As An / Alternative 2 / "Playing Art" / With The "Radical ? / Chic" Sect On / Daddy"$ Funds... /4-U...

    NB : I started this park at the beginning of January before discovering 2 8 1 4, I deliberately didn't open their poject to not be influenced. I’ll post my review after the release of my park.

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