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    This is a very good park overall! A lot of innovative NCSO items. I enjoyed the "kids area" the most with the rock climbing wall and smaller attractions. 

    So many little scenes here or there that were fun to look at. The inverted coaster and hyper take the cake for me as best rides in the park. I'm going to have to steal some of the vehicle editor tricks you all used. Congrats!

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    Really solid park here!  I enjoyed pretty much all of it, despite some goofiness that I'll mention in a moment, there was clearly a lot of craft and thought put into it.  Lots of great detailing and sign work especially, the one along the darkride exterior in the entrance was really something.  Very nice archy too, especially the big set pieces were quite well done.  Gave each area a real distinct and memorable quality which I think is important in a park like this.  Lots of great litle park type details too, games, restaurants and such.  The custom flat rides also really elevate things too and IMO are pretty much a critical part of making parks like this these days, so glad you went the extra mile and included those.  


    As far as the goofiness goes, it's not so much a complaint, maybe more just something I noticed.  But the coaster lineup has two swing launch coasters, maybe not totally strange for a brand new park like this kinda is, but I maybe would have liked to see something a bit more conventional.  Generally the layouts were solid, except for the Invert which I wasn't a massive fan of compared to the others.  The coasters were really the only thing I had a problem with.  Some of the archy didn't really feel very theme-parky either, maybe it pushed more into semi-realism than I was comfortable with but at times it took me out of the immersion a little.


    Overall, quite solid for NCSO.  I think you have some real potential to make something fantastic if you keep building parks like this, further refining your style, hope to see more!

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    Very glad to see this released here finally. I got familiar with it through Swag's review on youtube and after watching that i was really curious to check it out ingame myself. I always pushed for DKMP-style players to build something more grand, so i'm very happy to see this!


    The entrance area to the park was very nice. It's lovely to see all the architecture and details here. Great usage of the pyramid object here! When viewing this area first i had some questions in my mind though: I'm not a park chain expert, so i don't want to elaborate too much on it, but i asked myself what especially makes this a Busch Gardens park? I agree with G that this felt more like a semi-realism park to me. It's very nitpicky and probably also a bit NE-like criticism i know. And i also have to add that i feel like it's very difficult to depict this in NCSOpen, but it still somehow stuck in my head when viewing the park.


    That hasn't stopped me from admiring all the awesomeness in this though. For example the Prophet and the surrounding area have been amazing. It's a solid layout with a ridiculously massive coaster station - i feel like that works here though. I also enjoyed the broken down top spin ride, almost felt very nostalgic to me.


    Next i viewed the invert area and i must say that i agree with G here: the first thing that came into my mind when viewing this was that the layout isn't looking very good. I also wasn't a huge fan of the trackitecture heavy architecture. That doesn't mean that there wasn't any stuff i could enjoy here though. Falcon's Prey is a very nicely done flat ride, i also really liked the curvy wall surrounding this area.


    After that my eyes went to the rapids area. I think it's awesome! I really loved the dedication to put into this, the huge drop out of the pyramid definitely feels a bit high, but over here the wackyness definitely works very well. The custom lift at the end of the ride was a nice touch too. The photo booth at the ride exit also was a very cute little detail. 


    Philistine Giant is an interesting ride. I think over here i have to say that i especially loved the way you did the custom supports. I know stuff like this is kind of mandatory in NCSOpen nowadays, but i feel like you did it especially well here. There are a lot of individual theming pieces to enjoy here too, for example i really liked the Babylon wall and gates or the theater. As a whole i feel like the composition was a bit undercooked here and i would have loved some more direction and symmetries.


    Layout-wise the Sling probably was my favorite one in this park. I really liked how it swoops around the walls and i admire the bushy atmosphere you have going on here. I already made my point about this not being a realistic Busch Gardens park for me at the beginning of this review, so i won't make it again here, but i feel like this area is a good example for this. I really loved the playground though. I spent quite some time trying to figure out how you did the climbing frame. Very nice stuff!


    Talking about not really realistic stuff - okay, i'll stop now -, let's go over to the egyptian area: Osiris' Fury is a well made coaster. I really enjoyed the sculpture inside the lift hill, made this unique and memorable. In general the sculpturing work in this area is fanstastic. Amun Ra and that tunnel sculpture after the MCBR are quite lovely! The architecture and especially the foliage and landscaping in this area was a bit of a mess though, would have loved for it to be a bit more clean, so my view could focus on the right stuff in here.


    All in all i really want to congratulate you for this release, ballpit and supreme! You guys are among the rising talents in this community and i'm sure if you keep going on that path the future is yours!

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    I really liked this park when I viewed it yesterday. The coasters were so fun that I wish that they were real. The theming was really good and had the good NCSO vibes that I didn't know I'd been waiting for. If it were a little larger, I would consider it spotlight worthy. Good work, you two. I hope 94SupremePosse considers signing up for H2hX.

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    Thank you all for the nice comments! I figured I’d probably give some more context on the name I chose for the park and other things.

    The name I chose was a bit of “nostalgia” for me - back in the day, I remember downloading LL and early NCSO parks named “Universal Studios” or “Busch Gardens x” which looked like their inspired parks but with enough noticeable differences to be it’s own thing or in some ways unrecognizable. That was the energy I went into planning this park along with the development of Six Flags Qiddiya. I largely was inspired by early to maybe early 2010 ncso parks from memory, so for instance Cairo feeling boxy was intentional. However I understand how it may be confusing to see some realism aspects mixed into semi-realism with “larger than life” architecture. I also was way too pleased with that entrance sign to then rename the park, lol

    The invert was something that started as a recreation of a B&M standup that I toyed with referencing Montu to end with that. It is a bit unorthodox though in relation to how inverts tend to be. Maybe I should of tried a different coaster type to integrate into that area.

    I plan to make another NCSOpen park similar to this scale, so I really appreciate these reviews that I can apply into that map. Glad you all enjoyed this!
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  • Description

    With recent large investments from oil tycoons, Seaworld Parks & Entertainment has decided to expand their Busch Gardens theme park chain to Egypt to compete with recent new theme park developments in the region. With a large amount of capital at their disposal, they were able to reproduce different world wonders to incorporate into their theme park.

    % share:

    Ballpit 90% (all other rides, macro, planning, buildings, architecture)

    94SP 10% (feedback, tweaks, updates, Phillistine Giant layout & supports, Obelisk Odyssey supports)

    I included a Readme with some shout-outs and the list of references for the architecture if you're curious about anything seen. Most of the major architecture is based on actual world wonders.

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