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    One can only wonder what drives 5dave to build park after park...

    Don't own RCT2? Click here for a full scale aerial.
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    Congrats on the Design spot, it was well worthy of it. I pretty much exactly agree with geewhzz's comments on the design. As an overall package, it's really awesome - the ride is visually stunning as is the whole area - foliage in particular was really strong IMO. The custom flat is sweet, and I also liked the monorail running through the area which shows this ride is part of a wider park. There were also some other really nice little touches like that - the single rider queue for instance.

    The ride itself looks pretty fun - particularly the first major drop, bunnyhop and turnaround over water. As well as being pretty unique for RCT, you captured the Aquatrax look perfectly with the water-slide track underneath the coaster track. However, there were a couple of gripes - the same as geewhzz mentioned: the launch is too instantaneous and there's a chainlift instead of LSMs (although that is a very minor point!). I also thought that the section between block-brake and chain-lift hill was a bit pointless - a dud spot on the ride perhaps - and I guess the final brake run is a little too 'squeezed in' as well.

    Would have been nice to see a few more water features too. I know the Aquatrax at Lotte World is very much a rollercoaster, but it does manage to come off as a water-ride as well. This design didn't quite totally capture that water-ride element IMO; a few more water features may have helped pull that off better. But yeh, overall, it was really awesome as a whole and definitely deserving of a design spot, congrats.
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    Very nice design Dave!
    Off course, you could always nit-pick on small things like the somewhat messy/chaotic structures that supposed to be Cambodian temples or ruins and some missing water ride-interaction features, but this is just a high quality design..

    It would be awesome to see a full scale park like this of yours!

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    Very beautiful design, the layout fits in the theming very well. I like it so much, cause itīs 100% realistic. Congratulations too.

    Best regards, Prodigy

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    I can't wait to open this and comment. At first I saw the logo and thought it was an LL design because to me the logo looked like something for a LL thing lol idk why?

    But looks good from here, see you tomorrow!
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    One of, if not the, best NE Design we've seen in my personal opinion. There was nothing I didn't enjoy in this. Well done, Dave!
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    I liked the coaster, but it was as brown as one of my n00b parks ;)
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    it was a nice design but nothing that really wowed me. i was more impressed with the architecture than the ride itself. you pulled off those cambodian-like temples very well. i also agree that your foliage was well done. congratulations on the design win bro.
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    steve, i agree with you. this was pretty hi-class. the score reflects that.
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    I can see the skill, but I'm not feeling it.

    It's obvious that this is a fantastic design, but I don't like it much. It doesn't have any conventional architecture, and when I was looking at it, I just found myself getting stressed because of it.

    I'm not going to say I thought it was a bad design, because it was one of the best designs since ArchAngel (Which is still the best btw), but I didn't like it.
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    All the work was good, I just wish there had been a bit bigger surrounding area for this. All the stuff there was really well done though. The theme and coaster type made this a breath of fresh air.
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    Wow, I really like this design - the buildings, the coaster and the whole "packet": :D

    Great work.
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    I loved it. I think it had a great balance and could see this in real life being part of a park. Nice compact layout with great interaction points. Well done Dave!

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    I haven't been around very much lately, but I love everything made by Dave at the moment as a rule, so I just had to check this out.

    I thought it was fantastic. The architecture was incredibly well done, it takes a lot of thought to pull off irregular shapes like that. My only gripe would be that around the coaster there were a lot of glitches due to the scenery encroaching on the track, which made it look slightly messy.

    The coaster itself was nicely done, I can't really comment on the real life aspect of it as i've never seen one before, but maybe the launch was a bit too fast? The coaster seemed to be going very fast all the way around, and it hit the very small breakrun with a lot of speed.

    Colours wise, spot on. Perfect colours for the track, the architecture, and the foliage (love the purple flowers). The custom flat ride was lovely. The route for the monorail was perfect, although it doesn't stop anywhere? A pity.

    It reminds me slightly of Kukuana foliage and setting wise. Overall, very nice design, well deserved, my love affair with your work continues. :D Thankyou.
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    great design dave.
    very novel and the whole area was done well.
    You made a building with very little colour look superb :)
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    I really enjoyed this design, but in my opinion the architecture (however good) got repetitive the whole design looked nearly the same.

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    Thanks for all your replies!

    Yeah, I know the launch was kinda extreme. I used a fast launch, as I wanted the lifthill to be slow, and if I had build a chain launch, the lifthill would have been strange in the end, or too fast.

    And I planned to add some small water jets near the turnaround at the small lake, but it seems I've forgot to Parkdat them in...

    And I agree, it's mostly brown, but Turtle explained exactly what I wanted to do: brown foreground, yellow coaster and the water as a contrast in the back.

    And I don't think the archy is repetive, as I wanted to make a enclosed area with a similar but still harmonic style and color. IMO different architectural forms would distract from the tempels and would look messy, just my opinion.

    Thanks for all your replies!


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