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    A heavily themed but realism park started in 2004 by the Haansa company, an Arabian film company (fictional) in Abu Dhabi.

    Started in 2004, the park started big and barely afforded any good quality rides, so many Golden Horse knock offs. By 2007, the park added the first non-knockoff coaster and that is what changed the course of the company.

    By 2012, their film industry had taken off and there are now three Haansa parks, one in Dubai and the other in New Delhi, India.

    By 2017, the quality of each park has ramped up so much, all the shitty quality rides have left and only good quality rides-usually with a huge price tag-are built.

    As of 2025, there are seven standing and operational Haansa parks in five countries. Two more are SBNO as they are being built in China and America. One more exists but is non-operational as the city it was placed in quit functioning at city level and the demand for the amusement park in Malaysia.

    Arabian Wind is the chain's newest B&M coaster and it is the third giga in the chain.

    Hope you enjoy this NCSO/LL combination project!

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