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    I know a lot will probably complain about the disorganization and messy foliage, but I can appreciate the fact that your style authentically feels like something out of 2003. Very old school.

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    It is how I build after all. With this theme, I'm going pretty wild even though I can refine it more.

    I'll do some refining, not too much though.
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    I actually quite like the messy foliage here. The overall color use and atmosphere are great too. It's a shame you built so close to the map edge though.

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    Set in 2025, Haansa Abu Dhabi (est. 2004) is one of a chain under the "Haansa" theme park brand. It is the pinnacle park in Abu Dhabi. Mostly situated in the Middle East, Haansa has expanded to Germany, France, China and looks to add a super themed park to America by 2029. Progress has started.



    Arabian Wind (B&M 2025)

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    Taipan (B&M 2021)


    Bumeran (Huss 2004)

    Arabian Dust (Huss 2004)

    Firewarrior (Intamin 2011)(just off screen)

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