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    I totally love it. Beautiful colours, great foliage, solid overall layout, originality yet again... And this is how you properly do trackitecture. Take note, Shotguns and other NCSO-dudes.


    Not sure if this is finished or not: the light brown marble colums on the left structure blend too much with the brown path. Tan? Also I'm not a fan of all the bare concrete columns, surely there must be a way to make them more interesting.

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    I'm not a massive fan of the foliage. There's a weird mix of tropical, and generic. Like you have palms, but then you have oak trees.


    It feels like the area should lean more towards the tropical side of things so I would suggest removing some of the oaks.


    Apart from that, great work, the layout looks really nice and flowing.

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    Love the colors and the atmosphere. I'm with Louis on the foliage, the mix doesn't really work and some of the tree choices don't work and some of the unnatural colors are distracting (like the grey tree in the upper left). I also think you have too much yellowy-green and not enough dark green.

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    Taking note. Love this project. 

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    I stand corrected. Holy shit

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Great tips Liam, thanks!
    I also agree about the foliage Louis! and Ling, I was going for marshlands, but it doesn't look quite right yet. I'll go back and change it up.
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    The colours are beautiful. However I just feel as though there are no where near enough details here; I personally view fantasy as an excuse to just go completely crazy and this just doesn't look that way. There's absolutely nothing that would make me want to look in depth at this screen and it's a real shame because the other screens of this project are all littered with little details.


    Even just something like a cave with some gold riches or something similar underneath the station would just make this seem a lot more fantastical than it is currently.

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    Can we work together sometime, or would that be redundant?
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    i feel like the structures could be far more interesting, more vertical theming and interest. what's the reason for them being there? needs more backstory. 

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    add in some rock texture down below the ride near the shore and it'll be (more) golden.


    almost beautiful. keep at it.

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    @Rawrylol and @Turtle, this is just an unfinished screen of the area as I'm working on it. I'm saving the details and "little things" for last. I've added a lot to the other screens as well. Otherwise, when the park is released everyone would have already seen most of the park! Keeping the details hidden until release keeps the park fresh when you see it in game.


    @inthemanual you put in an impressive micro first round and it looks like our styles would mesh pretty perfectly... I'm down if you are!


    @RMM Thanks for the comment. I'm changing up the bayou/marshland foliage to be more lush, but I don't think I'll add rock texture here.

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