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    Great work overall, maybe we will see you in the finals.

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    So impressive AVC!

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    It's beautiful, a unique style with great cohesion, I didn't know much about your work before the contest a bit like FK, I'm now looking forward to your next work!

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    Amazing collage. You're easily one of the best players in the micro genre. I loved your maps in the last edition just as much.

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    Truely some impressive art, I get so much inspiration from your work. I hope you get that Wildcard for the finals!

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    This has been an exciting competition - so many legends returning and even better - a bunch of new voices and visions rising to the top with creations like these.


    If you survey the dystopian scatter of archived websites - the RCT apocalypse has already happened. But I see posts like this and I swear I hear its heart beating. These are gorgeous and capture the creativity of this competition quite well. The level you talented builders are on is one of technical skill and artistic detailing that deserves a lot more attention and kudos.

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    Love how all of these are so wildly different in aesthetic and object choice yet you can tell it's the same mind throughout. My GOAT

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    Thanks guys! Even if I don’t make it to finals, I’ll have something in the works moving forward. This MM was super inspirational and I want to ride the wave as far as it will take me.
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    Look how you ate that

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    these look so cool next to each other, really makes the stylistic differences pop… imagine a fullscale park with areas as diverse as this
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    You have a great mastery of color and composition. 

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