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    Great colours.
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    You've gotten really good. Sometimes your work still gives off a somehow sloppy feel, though. I think it's mainly because of texture changes (like the 3 different ones on that shed/tunnel) and use of objects (the tree). While it's no big deal, it somehow disturbs the harmony in there.

    Otherwise really nice!



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    You mean the pink tree? I like that tree because it breaks the green of the other plants and trees. I'll change the wooden roof on top by the same style of roof of the 1/4th roofpiece so there will be only 2 textures in the tunnel/shed ;) 

  • Kevarchitect%s's Photo

    KEEP THE TREE!! I like it. The abundance of roof textures is a bit much, but overall, I think this is a swell shot.

  • TorreSnorre%s's Photo

    The tree is awesome

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    I'm a fan of that tree too.  It's such a great way to catch the eye in my opinion.  Everything looks great, keep it up.

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    I also like that tree, wish there was a tree like that that fit the style of the game better though.

  • zxbiohazardzx%s's Photo

    feels a bit like some rides of the efteling got put together....


    looks great though.

  • rct2isboss%s's Photo

    Brilliant.  Screen is one of my favorites in a very long time.

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    brilliant screen fred. love it.

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    A Tree must stay!

    But not fan of this pink tree.

    The tree looks to much realistic IMO.

    RCT has a semi cartoon feeling and this tree is looking to much realistic. this breaks the cartoony feeling of RCT. Don't know what tree would fit in better...


    5Dave is right... to much tectures in that small shed\tunnel\station\garage\lunchroom\brown thingy.


    great work! on this screen...

  • Chocotopian%s's Photo

    As it seems to be the talking point, I'd like to say that I think the tree is a great choice. That looks like another in the top left, which I also appreciate as I think that several splashes of this purple really adds a beautiful colour to the area - along with the orange and pink, which are bright but not distracting. Great support work too!

  • FredD%s's Photo

    I like the tree, it breaks the normal RCT colors, so I won't delete it. I did adjust the textures of the tunnel, 5Dave was right about it. Looks much better now!

  • SlayMeGaga%s's Photo

    The tree is so cute. I love the supports on the drop for the Arrow, and I love the path interaction as well! Keep up the quiche work!

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