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    This is my favorite screen from this project by far. The scale is huge but that doesn't really bother me.


    Well done...

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    where do those trees come from. I must have them! love the screen btw

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    yeah i mean it's p good and all...

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    Really awesome Fred, some of the best shit you've done. The theatre facade is fucked up though. Weird brown stick, windows not aligning vertically... And the theatre is a giant box. Boxes are okay but it can't hurt to at least try to camouflage or smoothen the box shape.

    No complaints otherwise. It's really atmospheric even without peeps.
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    Theatre looks a little too out of place for me; details are nice but the contrast between concrete and mud is just too much I think. Fountain is awesome though!

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    Thanks for the many replies!


    @theflowdiskord: I don't have any idea where I got that tree from. I'll send you the .dat file of it later this day.


    @Liampie: I thought placing those windows symmetrical would look boring. The weird brown stick was a try but I'll delete it and replace it by something better. What other shape does a theatre have? I'll understand what you're saying but the peeps won't notice much from their pov.  


    @Stoksy: I don't know if it would be a good idea to only use the mud texture in this zone. But for the theatre, I needed that specific color and that wasn't possible with other objects... 

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    One of the most interesting colour schemes I've seen in a while. Great job. It's difficult to build theatres like that. I think yours works well. Reminds me a little of Pacificoaster. Well done.

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    this looks very good, but it doesn't look very côte d'azur to me. the pink also doesn't really match with the tan on the roof, nor is pink often used in the architecture. most of this looks good though, while not extremely southern france i can recognize it a bit. i'm speaking from experience here, i was there 4 hours ago

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    One of the most irritating things in your work is something that could soooo easily be fixed. You tend to use wall pieces until you get to the top of a building where you then start to use blocks so that you can build your roof, but blocks and walls very rarely align properly so you always have massive lines around the outside of your buildings from where you've stopped using walls and started using blocks. If you used blocks the whole way it'd get rid of that and instantly look so much cleaner. 

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    Gdb, Mediterranean zone is a lot more than the côte d'azur...Here, an image of a pink building of a typical Midi-France village at the Mediterranean sea.






    Besides that, I feel that these colors feel Mediterranean so I'll keep using them.



    Rawrylol: I'll keep that in mind! But I don't see that problem over here?!

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    There are glitches where the roof starts on the building on the right. The building on the left has awkwardly placed trims, obviously hiding a glitch.


    And something about the middle building: as I said it's a giant box. I can see why you're not changing the shape, but as I said, you can smoothen the box shape... What your theatre needs is much more crown ornamentation. Not just a flimsy line of black.

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    You've certainly managed to use those purple trees the best out of anyone.


    This is your best work by far. Looking forward to more.

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