Screenshot / Adventure Canyon Mountain


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    Not enough Long Flume layers.

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    Holy shit.

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    beautiful. very clean.


    my only suggestion would be to replace the black rail up top for a tan monorail.

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    Well that's the best combination of the LOTR rocks and 1k ruins I've ever seen...


    As RMM alluded to, the black rail looks a little out place; I think it probably needs something more solid underneath it (eg monorail track) so there's a more obvious foundation. The rockwork at the moment is too unclean to warrant being a realistic support for the rail I think.


    But that is a really minor critique of a fucking awesome screen!

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    holy shit.

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    Holy living fuck that's amazing

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    absolutely stunning! I mean we need more of this holy ****

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    Nice. My only worry is if it will look out of place having just a random mountain so I'm eager to see the surroundings.

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    this is so far above anything else it's ridiculous.

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    I don't even care much about the log flume layering here so that says A LOT.

    This is a miracle!
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    The log flume lift is perfect.


    The rock work is, in actuality, not great, but because of the fact it is meant to represent fake, tacky, rock work, it is incredible.


    I like the black rail, I was watching your stream in and out and was hoping you'd add something there (or colour it, can't remember if it was there already or not)


    My only concern is the placement of the log flume. I don't particularly like how it comes out of the mountain like that, I would prefer it coming out before it starts to drop or at the crest of the drop. But each to their own.


    Lovely screen, best screen on NE since the Thorpe Park screens.

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    Wow, this is insane. I'm kinda lost for words...

    Edit: (I do agree with Louis though on the drop of the log flume), the log flume lift layering is perfect! Don't listen to people saying there are to much layers, it looks realistic and extremely cool and in style with the theme.
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    This is crazy. I love this! Just not sure about the trees in the background.
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    I like it :)

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    I would make the black rail on top of the mountain tan as well, but other than that, dang dude. High five.

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    OK,  now can you stop telling me how you're not good at this game? :p

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    The more I stare at this the more I love it. You managed to convey the fact that this thing is tacky as hell and completely unthemed on the inside but somehow you made it really beautiful at the same time.


    Also... the flume lift and the opening in the fake mountain on top of the flume lift are a work of art.

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    It just looks SO real.

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