Screenshot / Katana - Fall on the Sword


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    comment below
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    i might cry

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    Very lush and full. And the tori theming is great.

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    Coaster of the year
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    Surprised to see new work from you. Love the themed flat, nice and fitting tree selection, cool supports on the coaster, everything seems thematically cohesive... only thing I’m not sure of is the height of that long strait portion of track after the loop, which may be lack of coaster knowledge on my part, but I’m uncertain how aesthetically pleasing it is in the game.
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    He’s back in action!
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    Nice loop.
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    nice job nin
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    Awesome duo.

    They want it back to backkkk
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    Commit Harakiri
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    That swing is just superb.

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    damn bro

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    jesus fuqin christ

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    That's some good-ass NCSO

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    hang on that screaming swing has cars to both sides.... do explain yourself...

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    This didn't even register as NCSO for a solid minute of me looking at this screen. what the f*ck. dude. insane.

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