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    Is the train the only way to reach the food and sweets shop?

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    No its not, the entrance of the park is to the right. Its the station at the entrance. Hope you understand . XD

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    While it would be a really nice setting in real life, I don't think this isolated area, accessible only by train, would work too well in the game, so I'm glad you're joining it up to the entrance.


    The station building is very quaint with a lovely compliment of colours, and the waterfall area is looking good too.  However, if you're going for (semi)realism: there's no source for the upper pool, which looks like it would dry out quickly.  As a personal preference, I'd suggest changing the colour of that short green fence too, even if just to another type of green.  I think this colour looks a bit strange.  Lovely work otherwise.

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    Thank you, do you mean the fence thats like a rail (i find that brown) Or do you mean the random tree wall fence? I see what mean with upper pool i will what i will do with it :)

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    The green fence that is two panels long, just to the right of the waterfall.

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    Yeah I don't get why that fence is there either.


    Anyway, looks good.  Foliage could all around be much better and a water source for that waterfall would make sense.

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    Yea I like to add random stuff, I will probably make asiurce for the waterfall. But thank you

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    That station building is pretty good, I think.

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    Thank you, will upload another screenshot soon :)

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    Made my own version fo this one kinda - http://www.trekearth...photo488887.htm

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    So the park have decided to reopen the old railroad, called Great Haverhill. Hopefully the old traintracks wont brake. Also the old hunting cabin have start serve the guests food and sweets :)

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