Screenshot / Development screen from RCT4


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    comment below
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    10/10 would play

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    This is RCT4???

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    I wish the roof on my house could change colour ;)

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    still better than RC3

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    >rct2 tag


    >screen from rct4

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    is this legit

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    I dont get it.
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    Why do you need 90's Dutch architecture?

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    Why do you need 90's Dutch architecture?

    When I started on De Bedriegertjes I really enjoyed making the town using default urban theming... But I wished there was more variation in houses! Furthermore I think the architecture could be a little more Dutch and modern. So why not? I enjoy making custom objects! Maybe I'll do an urban map soon or maybe I'll expand the town in De Bedriegertjes.

    I've made some more progress by the way. Theres a roof for every angle now, front doors, trims along the roofs and I rearranged the windows. It's starting to look like an object!

    Would anyone be interested in wall and quarterblock objects in this brick texture? I've got a shitload of different windows and front doors as well. I don't understand why no one has done this before... So many useful objects we could've gained from RCT's default graphics.
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    If you do a urban map, will it be able to download?

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    this was a lie

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    No it wasn't.
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    This looks awesome! Is it available?

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    Not yet, but I plan on completing my object set soon. There are a few small objects in Diamond Heights.
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    That roof texture could certainly be of use. I think someone did a wall with that texture (derived from the urban theme terraced houses, right?) in the infancy of CSO, but it didn't look very good, so a new one might be in order.

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