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    Very nicely made! It looks like a completely different game almost.

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    It supposed to look like the same game. :p But thanks!
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    is this rct2

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    Very good Liam. Finally you do more interesting stuff again.

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    This looks like it's from sims, but at the same time nicely and coherently merges with the textures (and the right proportions, which is rarely done well) in rct2.

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    I think it looks nice and very well done. Like if thats original object material. The atmosphere is this kind of dutch small-house / small-town feeling from a couple of years ago. I am just not sure how to use these buildings in an amusementpark
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    @Posix: I'm not sure if that's sarcasm, but if you truly like it you're definitely in for a treat.

    @thirteen: it's not for parks, it's for surroundings. Though I might do some walls and quartblocks because the brick texture is actually pretty nice.
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    The RCT4 joke was mean.

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    I'd hate to be walking by these buildings on a very wet day.... The drains can only hold back so much.... I mean I live in a very wet country NO developer would dream of constructing such buildings here, No doubt great additions to the surrounding area as houses n shit tho

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