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    As long as you're having fun, please finish it!

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    I think you've shown this before, I vaguely remember it. Would be cool if you finished it, especially if it's close to completion you should do it, but otherwise maybe it's a good idea to recycle the good bits. Layouts and colour/texture combos mostly.

    If you're finishing this, please get rid of the inverted impulse coaster. The green really harms the atmosphere of the entrance plaza.
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    Please get rid of the impulse. It ruins an otherwise good-looking screen. Always fun to see more DC/Six Flags areas being built.
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    I think the bizarro logo could be a little better integrated with the surrounding path [at the moment the change from path to logo is too obviously gridded - would look better diagonal either along the purple edge or with thin black strip in between].  The entrance sign looks really great though.


    I personally don't mind the impulse too much, more so that the colour isn't very nice to look at [in comparison to the rest]. You really don't want such a bright green to be as prominent in a dark, gotham area.


    It's really up to you whether you finish it or not; would obviously be great to see some more work from you! If you like the layout then go for it.

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