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    wow that is a big ass ship. I would remove that sand island, it doesnt really makes sense there and the ship would have more space to breathe. 


    that building is out of scale, its too big compared to the ship. make some smaller buildings and the ship will even impress more.

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    I know what you mean thirteen, already tried some other things but history told me that this same type of building was also build on the real docks of Southampton during the departure of the Titanic. That's why I build this. I agree that I could have build it in another fashion, but it still needs this size to bring the passengers on board via the bridge from the building towards the 1st class entrance on the ship...

    Check this picture: http://cache2.allpos...pleted-1911.jpg


    I tried to build the ship and some of the surroundings as accurate as possible, apart from the very high cranes the warehouse is the fact, the real warehouse is even longer, but in the James Cameron movie it is the same as in my replica...

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